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Young Leaders Series

Young Leaders Series

Young Leaders Series

Connecting your classroom with today’s leading artists & innovators

  • 92Y’s Young Leaders Series brings world-renowned artists, writers and thought leaders into your virtual classroom. Through livestreamed performances, online classroom talks and workshops conducted in real time, the program is proven to ignite curiosity and galvanize students in grades 1-12 to develop and explore their intellectual passions.

    Students can:

    • Ask questions and engage in conversation with the presenters
    • Attend a livestreamed performance with the artists
    • Join follow-up virtual workshops with 92Y’s teaching artists

    This curriculum-based program supports teachers through high quality curriculum materials, audio and video, discussion questions and activities, as well as the opportunity to attend curriculum workshops before the events.

    Find an event for your classroom


We worked with Dorrance Dance. The children were mesmerized. I kept saying, ‘This is like working with LeBron James on a basketball clinic.’ Parents couldn’t believe their children had this opportunity. I explained the virtual Young Leaders Series program to them — they were astounded. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

Cynthia Waddell, Elementary School Dance Teacher

Our entire student body participated in the Casey Gerald interview and talk. They were blown away. The students were very engaged; he was so relatable. The students loved it; they asked great questions — it was very impressive.”

Allison Edwards, High School Principal

I’m so delighted to have people come in from the outside like 92Y, who are patient with our children and loving and kind and expose them to real life experiences with real life artists and authors. I can’t tell you how blessed we are to have them.”

Michelle Anderson, Elementary School Teacher

92Y’s Young Leaders Series has helped raise students’ engagement, foster their sense of curiosity and wonderment about the different genres of music, and improve overall attendance.”

Greta Hawkins, Elementary School Principal

The Zadie Smith event was phenomenal for our students. They’d been introduced to her work, but to be given the opportunity for an intimate gathering with her — it was just everything I would have wanted the whole program to be.”

Duane Smith, High School English Dept. Chair

We did events with Zadie Smith, Roxane Gay and Claudia Rankine. Wonderful that they’re all women, that they’re women of color, that they’re contemporary writers. In high school we focus on a lot of dead people. It was great for [the students] to see people who are writing now and writing about what we’re going through now.”

Erin Cook, High School English Teacher

Elementary School

  • John Parra

    John Parra

    Award-winning illustrator of Latino-themed children’s picture books

    Learn more

  • Kate DiCamillo

    Kate DiCamillo

    Newbery Medal-winning author of books for young readers

    Learn more

  • Christian Sands

    Christian Sands

    Grammy-nominated jazz pianist

    Learn more

  • Dorrance Dance

    Dorrance Dance

    Award-winning tap dance company

    Learn more

  • The Knights

    The Knights

    Innovative orchestra collective The Knights present “Wings of Song”

    Learn more

Middle School

  • Mahogany L. Browne

    Mahogany L. Browne

    Acclaimed performance poet, activist, organizer, educator and novelist

    Learn more

  • The Knights

    The Knights

    Innovative orchestra collective The Knights present “Wings of Song”

    Learn more

High School

  • Eric and Colin JacobsenGil Shaham

    The Knights and Gil Shaham

    Innovative, award-winning orchestra collective

    Learn more

  • Jenna Wortham Kimberly Drew

    Jenna Wortham & Kimberly Drew

    New York Times journalist (Wortham) & author/art curator (Drew)

    Learn more

  • Viet Thanh Nguyen

    Viet Thanh Nguyen

    Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist

    Learn more

  • Valeria Luiselli

    Valeria Luiselli

    Prize-winning novelist & essayist

    Learn more

Pricing & Package Options

92Y offers partial and full subsidies to schools that need financial support in order to participate in the Young Leaders Series. To apply for a subsidy, please email us your name, title, school, and a brief description of your circumstances. Applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Package #1: $135 per class*

  • Suite of educational resources, including video lessons, discussion questions, and activities to help teachers introduce their students to the featured presenter and the work under study
  • Live virtual event with the featured presenter
  • Opportunity for student work to be published on the Young Leaders Series website

Package #2: $295 per class*

All of package 1 plus:

  • 2 live, virtual workshops led by a 92Y Teaching Artist.

*Maximum number of students per class is 35. For Package #2, schools must enroll a minimum of 2 classes per grade; workshops with a 92Y Teaching Artist are done per school per grade, not per class.

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Can I register my classes for more than one event?

Yes. You can register your classes for multiple events that correspond to the appropriate grade level(s).

If I register my classes for Package #2, what can I expect my student to get out of the two virtual workshops?

Led by 92Y’s expert Teaching Artists, the virtual workshops invite your students to reflect on the topics explored during the virtual event with the featured presenter and begin to generate their own original, creative work (poetry, essays, visual art, etc.). Each workshop runs approximately 45 minutes in length and is held via Zoom or Google Meet. Following the sessions, students have the opportunity to submit their work to be published on 92Y’s Young Leaders Series website. Please note that workshops are done per school per grade, not per class. Schools must enroll a minimum of 2 classes per grade.

How will I access the educational resources that 92Y provides?

Teachers who register their classes for a Young Leaders Series event receive a link to a private webpage with downloadable educational resources, including videos on the featured presenter, discussion questions, recommended activities and more. You can expect to receive the link to the educational resource page 2-3 weeks before the live event.

Have additional questions? Email us.

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