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  • Tune in Free
    May 3, 2020
    New York City And Everywhere


COVID-19 has disrupted modern society on a scale that most people have never witnessed—and its impact on and implications for our generation are profound. As Governor Cuomo reminds us, we can control how we get up when this is over—and our challenge is to ensure that the inevitable transformation of our world is positive.

On May 3, a powerful lineup of speakers—Senator Cory Booker, Emily Ratajkowski, Simon Sinek, Sopan Deb, Ramy Youssef, Jessamyn Stanley, Yung Pueblo, Emily Nagoski, Anne Helen Petersen, Ada Calhoun, and many more—come together online to ask the big questions and explore solutions for the change that’s urgently needed.

Join us for the most important summit of the year. We are the ones who must shape the future. Here’s where we can start.


Summit Agenda

11 am-4:45 pm

Additional speakers and topics to be announced. Check back here the latest speaker and schedule updates.

Leading in Times of Crisis

Cory Booker
New Jersey U.S. Senator

Emily Tisch Sussman
Host of Podcast Your Primary Playlist

The Power of You: How to Make Real Change

Amanda Litman
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Run For Something

Carri Twigg
Television Producer, Political Strategist, and Founding Partner of Culture.House Media

Eitan Hersh
Political Science Professor

Emily Tisch Sussman
Host of Podcast Your Primary Playlist

Coping Beyond COVID: Empowering Ideas to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Ada Calhoun
Author of Why We Can’t Sleep

Anne Helen Petersen
Senior Culture Writer at Buzzfeed

Emily Nagoski
Author of Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking The Stress Cycle

Eliza Barclay
Science and Health Editor at Vox

Simon Sinek in Conversation

Simon Sinek
Ted Motivational Speaker and Author of Start with Why

John Roa
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Philanthropist, Business Investor, and Writer

The Pandemic: Getting to the New Normal

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed
Physician, Epidemiologist, Public Health Expert, and Progressive Activist

Alexis Glick
Chief Executive Officer of GENYOUth

Sean Rameswaram
Host Of Vox’s Daily News Podcast, Today, Explained

Zak Malamed
Co-founder and Executive Director of The Next 50

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding
Epidemiologist and Health Economist, Harvard Chan School of Public Health; Senior Fellow, Federation of American Scientists

Missed Translations: Meeting the Immigrant Parents Who Raised me with Sopan Deb and Ramy Youssef

Ramy Youssef
Creator, Producer, and Star of the Hit Hulu Show Ramy

Sopan Deb
New York Times Writer and Standup Comedian

Managing Your Finances During the COVID-19 Crisis

Sekou Kaalund
Managing Director and Head of Advancing Black Pathways, J.P. Morgan Chase

Brave New World: New Business and Career Opportunities

Eric Kuhn
Entrepreneur and Tony Award-Winning Producer

Daniel H. Pink
Author of Six Provocative Books about Business and Human Behavior

John Roa
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Philanthropist, Business Investor, and Writer

Sarah Kessler
Author of Gigged

Viveka Hulyalkar
Cofounder and Ceo, Beam Impact

Social Media as a Tool for Good

Ashley Carman
Senior Reporter at The Verge

Diego Perez
Meditator, Writer, and Speaker @Yung_Pueblo

Jessamyn Stanley
Award Winning Yoga Instructor and Author of Every Body Yoga

Jeremy Samuel Faust
Md, Ms, Ma and Editor-in-Chief at Brief19

Larry Milstein
Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Przm

Emily Ratajkowski in Conversation

Emily Ratajkowski
Model, Actress, Entrepreneur and Activist

Samantha Barry
Editor-in-Chief at Glamour

Special Music Guests

Mountain Head, Featuring the Hannah Brothers

Eric and Colin Jacobsen of The Knights with Grammy-winning singer & songwriter, Aoife O’Donovan

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