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Supported by Jody and John Arnhold

The Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) provides a growing list of collaborations, programs and media that extend the reach of DEL’s holistic principles to dance educators, artists and their learning communities around the world. Generously supported by Jody and John Arnhold and the Arnhold Foundation, DEL New Initiatives fulfill the vision of “dance for every child” through professional development for teachers, performers, choreographers, administrators and dance lovers of all levels and backgrounds. Throughout these initiatives, participants experience Art at the Heart of Teaching™.


Dance Maker, a free app for your smart phone, features activities and resources for anyone teaching, learning and choreographing dance. Available for iOS and Android, the new DEL App incorporates the latest advances in mobile software and social media technologies to bring dance education into classroom and into the future. Through this media, teachers will be able to easily create, manage and share DEL lesson plans and general creative movement materials, online and off. For details, call 212.415.5555.


The Dance Education Laboratory Collaboration program (DELCOLLAB) offers customized professional development and consultancies to arts, education and community organizations that wish to design, implement, enhance and/or assess meaningful education programs that uniquely embody the institutions’ artistic and educational visions. DELCAP will consolidate the partnering organization’s goals and core values with professional expertise in curricular design, teaching methods and outreach programming. To learn more, call 212.415.5555.

DEL FIT Program

The Dance Education Laboratory Facilitators in Training (DEL FIT) is a professional training program specifically designed for dance educators who wish to develop their practice as professional development leaders and facilitators. The training program offers a series of workshops with the highest quality of teaching expertise and resources. DEL FIT highlights DEL’s core principles and best practices. The DEL FIT program was designed by DEL Founding Faculty, Ann Biddle, and DEL Founder, Jody Arnhold. Participants represent a diverse group of accomplished professionals in the field of dance education who are committed to furthering the field through professional development and leadership training. Enrollment in DEL FIT is by invitation only. For more information, call 212.415.5555.

DEL Ambassadors

DEL Ambassadors are master dance educators and facilitators who bring professional development for dance educators and artists at all levels of teaching and all genres of dance. As part of our efforts to realize DEL’s vision to bring dance to every child and to every school, DEL facilitators share DEL materials and resources in various sites around the country and the world, through master classes, workshops and intensives. To locate a DEL Ambassador and DEL-Ambassador-related program, or to become a DEL Ambassador, call 212.415.5555.

DEL Movement Sentence Choir

The DEL Movement Sentence Choir is an annual community dance celebration that recognizes the grand work of Rudolf Laban, one of the great dance theorists of the 20th century, who created Laban Movement Analysis (a method and language for describing, visualizing, interpreting and documenting human movement) and Labanotation (a notation system of recording and analyzing dance). Laban originated the art of the Movement Choir, wherein large masses of people performed in choreography that incorporated personal expression. The DEL Movement Sentence Choir integrates a strategy of creating a “movement sentence” — a choreographic process frequently used with schoolchildren — to the grand scheme of Laban’s original choreography for the masses. All Movement Sentence Choirs are livestreamed and archived.

For the 5th Annual Movement Sentence Choir, DEL Founder Jody Gottfried Arnhold and Founding Faculty Ann Biddle collaborated with David Dorfman and dancers from his company, Nik Owens and Maggie Costales, to create and perform this dance. Watch now

On March 25, 2018, the 4th Annual Movement Sentence choir featured Taryn Vander Hoop (co-founder Summation Dance) and Nicole Wolcott (co-founder of Keigwin + Company). Watch now!

On February 12, 2017, the 3rd Annual Movement Sentence Choir featured Summation Dance and with the bold and beautiful Urban Bush Women. Watch now!

On Jan 9, 2016, the 2nd Annual Movement Sentence Choir featured Summation Dance and Larry Keigwin and his dynamic company, Keigwin + Company. Watch now!

On Feb 1, 2015 we marked Dance Education Laboratory's 20th Anniversary with a great event facilitated by Summation Dance with Sidra Bell (Sidra Bell Dance New York), Mike Esperanza (Bare Dance) and Kendra Portier (BAND Portier). Summation Dance orchestrated a Movement Sentence Choir, inspired by Rudolf Laban's famous movement choirs. Watch now!

All Movement Sentence Choirs are livestreamed and archived.

New York City Department of Education
Professional Development

92Y is a contracted vendor of professional development services for the New York City Department of Education. All DEL courses align with the New York City Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts – Dance, Grades PreK-12. Call 212.415.5555 for more information.

New York City Department of Education
Dance Educators Collective Concert

Dance Educators/Artists from the NYCDOE present a showcase of new choreography and restaged repertory of classic dance works. To learn more, click here.

College credit for DEL courses: SUNY Empire State College

Non-matriculating undergraduate and matriculating graduate credits for DEL courses may be arranged through SUNY Empire State College. Students currently licensed to teach by the New York State Education Department may apply credit toward the Content Core – Dance requirement for dance teacher certification. College credits also comply with New York City Department of Education salary differentials for teachers. For details, download Studying for College Credit with 92Y DEL 2016-2017 [PDF]