Day or Overnight Camp for Tweens? Lior Spring Has Some Advice

Spring Offers Clarity & Other Summer Options

New York, NY— February 10, 2012 — Little kids go to day camp.  And once they are 11, 12, 13 – they go to sleepaway camp, right?  Well….not always. But aren’t they “too old” for day camp?  Not necessarily. By then, you can leave them at home, can’t you?  They’ll entertain themselves!  Mmm… maybe not.
If you’ve got a pre-teen or teenager who isn’t ready – or doesn’t want to go sleepaway camp, what are your summer options? And what do kids at that age really need?
92Y’s Lior Spring, ManagingDirector of 92Y’s Camp Program (which serves 1,500 kids ages 3-15), is a life-long camper (both day and sleep-away veteran).
Her take on this? “Once a kid turns 11 or 12, the idea of the ‘traditional’ camp experience really changes. They want options and hybrid experiences – a summer in the country and trips to water parks, beaches and trips to other cities. Some of them also want to sleep in their own beds at night.”
Lior is available for interview, and she can address parents’ questions and concerns, such as:
  • My kid is too old for day camp, but not ready for overnight camp – now what?
  • How old is too old for day camp?
  • What do tweens need developmentally?
  • All of my kid’s best friends are going to overnight camp – is that reason enough to send him/her? 
  • What are the advantages of day camp?
  • What are the advantages of sleepaway camp? 
  • Is travel an important part of the camp experience?
  • My older child went to sleepaway at 10, but the younger one won’t go. Should I put my foot down and insist?
Lior oversees 92Y’s Camp Program, which offers camp experiences for all kinds of kids, from 3 to 15 – because kids need different things. 92Y offers the following camps (among others):
·         Trailblazers is a day camp (with a few overnight experiences) for kids in grades 7-9.  It gives them a chance to be on their own, see new places, and have the social life they crave, right on the bus!  Trailblazers offers day trips to places like amusement and water parks, beaches, museums and professional sporting events, and it includes a three-night overnight trip; past trips have included Connecticut’s Club Getaway or a three-day tour of Boston.  
·         Yomi Seniors is a day camp for kids entering grades 5, 6 and 7. At Yomi Seniors, campers plays sports, swim and participate in a variety artistic activities – including specialties like photography and nature that they select.  They enjoy the natural setting of our campgrounds in Rockland County, NY while also exploring new places through weekly trips and overnights. Highlights include an overnight trip to Hershey Park, PA, as well as a four-night sleepaway adventure at the New Jersey Y Camps in Milford, PA.
·         Kesher (grades 3-8) is a two-week sleepaway camp located in the Pocono Mountains (just 75 miles from NYC). Activities include athletics (soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, rollerblading), adventure (archery, zipline, mountain biking, ropes course), waterfront, specialized arts, nature, cooking, barbecues, campfires and talent shows.