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MindCapsules: Himan Brown Senior Program Members

92nd Street Y’s Himan Brown Senior Program, a welcoming and supportive community and an essential destination for NYC seniors, is celebrating its own 60th birthday in 2011.

For six decades, our Himan Brown Senior Program has enriched the lives of its members and provided seniors with the opportunity to pursue new interests, take classes that inspire the body, mind and soul, and enjoy camaraderie with their peers. 92Y celebrates the 60th anniversary of this one-of-a-kind program with a senior prom and special video presentation for all of its members, many of whom have contributed their own words of wisdom to our website’s MindCapsules series. Explore their videos to see what they can teach you.


92Y’s critical work with senior adults is made possible by the generous contributions of people like you.

By donating to 92Y’s Himan Brown Senior Program MindCapsules series, you’re helping to ensure that our Himan Brown Senior Program members’ life stories and lessons learned live on for years to come. In turn, all of 92Y benefits from the wisdom, experience and examples provided by our Himan Brown Senior Program members.

We are here to make sure that our members are able to advocate for themselves; maintain their spiritual, physical and intellectual health; take advantage of programs and services that will allow them to maintain their independence; provide them with outlets to channel their talents and energies in the service of others; and to make certain that the recently widowed are not forced to mourn in isolation.