Quotations from Ford Fellows

Read what 2015 Ford Fellows have said about the program.

“I feel a new sense of purpose, mission, and desire to make an impact and I am so appreciative of that.” –Anonymous

“Simply unbelievable.” –Anonymous

“92Y has taught me the value of living together as a community.  I will take these values back to my organization and my community.” –Anonymous

“Moving and profound.” –Anonymous

“One of the most valuable sessions for my evolution as a leader and a as person.” –Anonymous

“Incredibly inspiring!” –Anonymous

“The collaborative community of 92Y was illuminating in my community service work.” –Anonymous

“An unimaginable privilege.” –Anonymous

“Presented a new kind of hope.” –Anonymous

“The experiences shared will help strengthen my resolve to change the world that I am a part of.” –Anonymous

“The spirit of 92Y has inspired me.” –Anonymous