What to Expect

92nd Street Y and Ford Motor Company have high expectations of participants in the Ford Motor Company International Fellowship of 92nd Street Y. The minimum program requirements include the following:


Fellows are obliged to complete written assignments and required reading prior to, during and following their residency in New York.

Commitment While Participating in the Program

Fellows must be active participants in all aspects of the program. The curriculum is rigorous, and fellows may not exempt themselves from group activities. With so much to learn and experience, relaxation and time off are not the goals of the program. Fellows who wish to do a good deal of tourist sightseeing, shopping or vacationing are strongly urged to arrive before Jun 7 or stay after Jun 22 at their own expense.

The Ford Fellows Classroom

The Ford Fellows classroom is a unique environment where fellows from around the world and distinguished scholars engage in a dramatic give-and-take of ideas. In order to protect this special environment and enable it to succeed, we ask all participants to put aside the normal distractions of life during classroom sessions. These "distractions" include: cell phones, using smart phones and laptops for emailing or group chat, and video cameras. Of course, serious note-taking on your laptop computer is fine, but we ask that you do not divide your attention by engaging in group chatting, emailing or instant messaging during the classroom conversation. If you anticipate emergency calls, please inform us, and we'll provide support, including a phone number that people can call if they need to reach you. We ask for the same level of respect during both academic and non-academic sessions.

Free Time

The Ford Fellowship is truly an intensive nonprofit management training program. It is for serious, dedicated leaders who are passionate about their professional growth and willing to work hard to achieve the next steps of their leadership development. The most successful participants are those who are able to commit themselves fully to a rigorous, focused training program. There is little free time during the fellowship. If you would like to schedule personal meetings while in New York City, please arrive early so that you can schedule these meetings before the fellowship program starts; or stay a day or two after the fellowship ends so that you can schedule your meetings after the program ends.

Ongoing Commitment

We expect fellows to remain involved in the program as mentors for future fellows and as participants in a growing global network of community leaders.