Presented by 92nd Street Y, the Ruderman Family Foundation, Brandeis University and UJA-Federation

Wednesday, March 28, 8:15 pm

Tickets from $34 (under-35 $18)


New York, NY: February 22, 2012 – Following a year of epic turmoil, the Middle East could see historic change or crushing disappointments in the months ahead -- developments with profound importance for Israel no matter what happens. How Israel views the pressing political and policy issues that 2012 presents will be discussed by an extraordinary panel of six members of the Israeli Knesset and three American journalists, at a roundtable on Wednesday, March 28, at 92nd Street Y. They will also consider the role of Israeli and international media in politics and the making of policy. The five parties whose members are participating in the roundtable (Likud, Shas, Yisrael Beitenu, Labor and Meretz) represent a wide range of Israeli perspectives: new immigrants and long-time residents of Israel; Jewish and Arab; religious and secular. Together, they discuss topics that may include the nuclear threat from Iran, implications of the regional Arab upheaval for Israel, and the radically growing gap between different segments of Israeli society, sharing their views and insights with the audience and each other.
The Knesset members’ visit is made possible by the Ruderman Fellows Program, a joint project of the Ruderman Family Foundation and Brandeis University. Now in its second year, the Ruderman Fellows Program is designed to strengthen the relationship between and among key Israeli political leaders and the American Jewish community. The program brings Israeli political leaders to the US meet with scholars and community leaders.
“We are honored to bring the Ruderman Fellows to 92nd Street Y,” says 92Y’s director of Jewish Life, Marty Maskowitz. “92Y is constantly working to bring Israeli and American Jewish communities together and to provide a safe, open forum for the exchange of ideas on a huge range of critical issues. With this event, we are able to fulfill both of these goals and provide a unique opportunity for our audience to hear from members of Israel’s parliament.”

Ruderman Fellows

Minister Yossi Peled, Head of the Ruderman Fellows Delegation (Likud)

Ofir Akunis, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset (Likud)

Deputy Minister of Finance, Yitzhak Cohen (Shas)

MK Fania Kirschenbaum (Yisrael Beitenu)

MK Raleb Majadele (Labor)

MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz)


Ami Eden (JTA editor-in-chief)
Jane Eisner (editor of The Forward)

Charlie Radin (News Director, Brandeis University, and former Boston Globe Middle East and Far East Bureau Chief) - Moderator

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