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World Architecture: Synagogues and Mosques

Sussan Babaie, Samuel D. Gruber, Aaron W. Hughes and Matthew Saba with introductions by Jai Alison Imbrey
World Architecture: Synagogues and Mosques

Landmarks from Europe and North America to the Middle East and North Africa, synagogues and mosques highlight the traditions, styles, and artists that have made these spaces so awe inspiring.

This four-session class on the visually striking and spiritually transporting architecture of these sacred spaces will highlight the iconic buildings from New York to Spain and discover lesser known, but equally striking designs to be found worldwide.

This program is being co-presented with Rizzoli New York and will showcase the incredible scholarship and photography from their publications Synagogues: Marvels of Judaism and Mosques: Splendors of Islam.

January 19: Elements of a Synagogue — Wherever Jews have lived, they have needed to pray and to congregate. Aaron W. Hughes will explore the elements, evolutions, and styles of synagogues.

January 26: Great Synagogues of the World — Jews are the “People of Book,” but they are also “People of the Building.” Samuel D. Gruber will travel the world in this lecture to present some of the most beloved, historic, unusual, and beautiful synagogues of the past and present.

February 16: Elements of a Mosque — While communal prayer is a tenant of Muslim worship, the space in which it takes place is designed and formed by the people who inhabit it. Matthew Saba will explore the elements, evolution, and styles of mosques worldwide and highlight how function drives form and adornment for these sacred spaces.

February 23: The Splendid Mosques of Iran and Central Asia — Distinct from the Arab and Turkish Mediterranean designs, the mosques of Iran and Central Asia reflect the resources and technologies of their surroundings. Sussan Babaie will illuminate the striking motifs, patterns, and vaulting that make these mosques inspiring and beloved.

This program will take place live with an opportunity to interact with speakers and be recorded for later viewing by those who register.

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