2020 Impact Report

In March 2020 new york city shut down.
But we’re still here — because of you.
Here is the story of how your support is transforming 92Y.
300K people visited 92Y in person each year







A Letter from our leadership

We asked ourselves... how will we keep this generation of students connected to the arts?

A teacher writes

“We worked with Dorrance Dance. The children were mesmerized. I kept saying, ‘This is like working with LeBron James on a basketball clinic.’ Parents couldn’t believe their children had this opportunity. I explained the virtual Young Leaders Series program to them — they were astounded. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

— Cynthia Waddell, Dance Teacher, Stone Academy of Communication Arts, Greenville, SC

Before COVID-19, 92Y’s Center for Arts Learning and Leadership (CALL) was bringing excellent arts education programs to 93% of NYC school districts, and 16,000 public school teachers and students benefitted. But when the pandemic struck, arts educators nationwide faced unprecedented challenges maintaining their students’ connection to the arts. It was time to expand the program.
CALL program director Ava Lehrer and her small team built the Young Leaders Series, an entirely new set of virtual arts and humanities programs, so that even more teachers and students could take advantage of these unique learning opportunities.
And thanks to world-renowned artists, writers and thought leaders like Mahogany L. Browne, Roxane Gay, Dorrance Dance, Anthony McGill, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Zadie Smith and Christian McBride — who entered the virtual classrooms of schools all over the country — children were able to share in livestreamed performances, online classroom talks and workshops conducted in real time.

Dorrance Dance during a Young Leaders Series classroom livestream event

Dorrance Dance during a Young Leaders Series classroom livestream event

How can we address the fractures in our society that threaten to tear us apart?

92Y Confronts Hate

Jewish wisdom teaches us to confront adversity together. It’s not about ‘the I’ — it’s about ‘the we.’ And ‘the we’ can’t be limited by walls, nations, or even religion.”

— Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein

Wisdom and insight, shared with the world

In a year marked by pandemic and extreme political polarization, the Bronfman Center’s crucial work to help us learn and grow together as “the we” has never been more important — from Manhattan to every corner of the globe. None of this would be possible without your support.

92Y Confronts Hate: A new initiative that brings leading voices together to fight racism and anti-Semitism

Rabbi Rubinstein led crucial conversations about the spiritual imperative of ending racial inequality and oppression with Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Imam Dr. Al-Hajj Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid, Reverend Jacques Andre DeGraff, Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur, and New York Attorney General Letitia James — conversations viewed in eight time zones in countries all over the world.

Virtual Celebrations

Virtual Celebrations

Finding ways to celebrate Jewishly, from wherever you are

When the pandemic shut down 92Y’s physical building, Rabbi Rubinstein’s weekly video reflections on Shabbat provided a sense of comfort to members of our community who were isolated and stuck at home.

92Y’s virtual Passover and High Holiday celebrations received 190,000 views, reaching more people than ever before.

Our Jewish education classes provided a space to gather and reflect on the traditions that have bound us together for millennia.

Collectively, the Bronfman Center reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world.


Thank you so much for sharing your gift and shining light into dark times.”

Shabbat Shalom… This connection each Friday evening plus you giving thoughts to ponder over, means so much to me. Be well and again, many big thanks!”

I am so grateful to [the 92Y team] for giving me the opportunity to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with [my daughter] and give her this beautiful blessing.”

How do we produce a socially distanced performing arts season?

When 92Y’s Kaufmann Concert Hall went dark in March 2020, the music never stopped. By summer, we had livestreamed a dozen concerts by the world’s most stellar artists from wherever they were. By fall, our stage came alive again in a hall with no audience as tiny groups of musicians performed six feet apart thrilled to be onstage again. Jazz greats paid tribute to Billie Holiday in a concert celebration enriched by an exploration of her legacy. Literature returned to our stage as Ethan Hawke gave a dramatic reading of Marilynne Robinson’s novel Gilead. And upstairs, in an also-empty Buttenwieser Hall, Sidra Bell Dance New York and saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins premiered a work-in-progress.

  • Catherine Russell

    Catherine Russell

  • Ethan Hawke

    Ethan Hawke

  • Sidra Bell

    Sidra Bell

  • Tai Murray & Hee-Kyung Juhn

    Tai Murray & Hee-Kyung Juhn


Your organization is world class, second to none in our city, or in the world, and I feel blessed to have access to such talent during COVID-19 and beyond!”

It is thrilling to know these concerts will go on as scheduled via livestream, to continue to support the artists and to help us connect to each other through fresh, new live content. It means a lot to know you all are making the shows still happen in an age when it feels like life has skidded to a grinding halt.”

When I started listening to the music, I felt human again.”

Thank you so much from Australia — this is wonderful to raise spirits and sustain community.”

How do we keep learning and growing when our lecture halls are closed?

When COVID-19 made it impossible for us to continue live talks in our theaters on 92nd and Lexington, our 92Y Recanati-Kaplan Talks team, led by Director Susan Engel, didn’t miss a beat. Since March 2020, we have produced more than 200 events streamed digitally across the world, bringing intimate, insightful and unique online conversations with the likes of Larry David, Jodie Foster, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Stacey Abrams, Michael J. Fox, Anna Deavere Smith, David Brooks and many, many more.







Taking your class has been an extraordinary privilege. Your gifted teaching has resulted in one of the most profound learning experiences of my life.”

Best Covid day of the year thus far. A front row experience…Thank you so much for sharing all your experience, knowledge, and time!”

Now I am unable to travel, and the online events and classes have been an enormous gift. I hope so very much that you will continue to make your programs available online, even after the country opens back up.”

Instead of putting adult learning on hiatus, we seized the opportunity to grow our adult learning program. We transformed our class structure, launching 92U — a completely new destination for online learning. No longer constrained by location, we could now invite the luminaries who would normally appear on our stage to meet a global audience of enthusiastic learners, face to face, in intimate, online classes.

During the pandemic, 92U brought twice as many patrons together for immersive learning experiences.

  • Colm Toibin

    Luminaries like Colm Tóibín, Alex Ross, James Shapiro and Adam Gopnik led immersions into works of world literature.

  • Annette Insdorf

    Annette Insdorf took her celebrated Reel Pieces series online, moderating virtual events with actors through the pandemic, and launching a popular Classic Films with Annette Insdorf class, now in its ninth iteration.

  • Ralph Buultjens

    Professor Ralph Buultjens brought his insight and expert analysis to world politics in our most highly attended online classes.

  • Mary Frances Berry

    Civil rights activist Mary Frances Berry explored America’s rich history of protest and resistance.

  • Nick Malgieri

    Master pastry chef Nick Malgieri brought us into his kitchen to share his secrets for pastry, bread — and chocolate!

How can we support families with children during a pandemic?


We have absolutely loved every minute of the class, but I am particularly touched by how much time and energy the teachers are putting into rebuilding connections with the children and families.”

These are extremely frightening times. I’m grateful for the support of the Parenting Center and 92Y community. Together we will get through these difficult times.”

Your counselors and instructors were superb.”

Meeting the needs of children and young families has been one of our biggest challenges during the pandemic. 92Y pulled together all its resources to help.

children and young families

Connection and support for the tiniest children

Our Parenting Center reinvented its programming for infants and toddlers, creatively engaging even the tiniest children online. And when it was safe to do so, we welcomed classes of two-year-olds back into our building for their beloved 2s Together program — which now combines in-person and remote classes, enabling families from as far as Oregon, Long Island and New Jersey to join in, engage and connect.

A virtual summer camp full of fun and adventure

While our beautiful Rockland County campgrounds were off limits, Camps Program Director Lauren Wexler and her team built an online 92Y Virtual Camp Live from the ground up — bringing children ages 2-13 all the connection, adventure, age-appropriate activities and excellent instruction that typically makes 92Y Camps so special.

Ensuring the continuity of our renowned Nursery School

The Nursery School found new ways to keep children and staff connected through safely socially distanced playdates in the park before school began, making regular reading and singing dates, moving parent get-togethers online, and supporting parents through the kindergarten admissions process. “The whole community is so positive, so grateful,” says Director of Early Childhood Programs Ellen Birnbaum.

How can we protect seniors from social isolation?


Do you ever get a full night’s sleep? I want to thank you for all that you are doing during a most difficult time. You, together with everyone on your extraordinary team, have made living through this period as full and as meaningful as is possible and I thank you for that.”

Before I retired, I was a corporate meetings and events planner, so I have an appreciation of the effort it takes to plan and execute. It is no small task in the best of times, and given the times we’re in now, it is absolutely Herculean. You all are truly amazing!”

The Y has been a refuge and a window to the outside world. Thank you for all your hard work to continue to bring this special community together.”

Nowhere in our institution was there a more urgent response in the first days of the pandemic than with the program serving our most vulnerable community — the members of our 60+ program.

The Himan Brown 60+ Program has long been the gold standard in community and programming for older adults, many of whom live alone. Himan Brown 60+ Program Director Julia Zeuner and her team became a rescue squad, immediately setting up basic virtual programming and support. She knew what was most critical — using the new platform to help sustain members and keep them motivated. Zeuner soon expanded the offerings, which now include more than 30 classes. The pivot to virtual programming opened access beyond our building’s walls and city limits; the growing community includes members from coast to coast.

A nurse and a team of clinical social workers support the members. Beyond hosting virtual drop-in groups that give seniors a place to talk about the things they may be struggling with, this team is truly saving lives through their work — making sure members are seeing their doctors when necessary, helping to secure vaccine appointments, and providing individual phone sessions for those in crisis.

“People come here for our world-class programs and social engagement, but they tell me all the time how they find so much more,” says Zeuner.
Himan Brown 60+ members enjoy a virtual class

Himan Brown 60+ members enjoy a virtual class.

How can we support artists and sustain creativity through art, music and dance classes?


Thank you for continuing the joy of dance through the online lessons.”

— 92Y Harkness Dance Center patron

Taking your classes is a gift I give to myself, especially in these troubling times.”

— 92Y School of Music patron

Knowing our instructor, learning about drawing and art in her classes these last six months has meant more to me than I can express.”

— 92Y Art Center patron

When 92Y closed its physical building, the Gilda and Henry Block School of the Arts sprang into action. “We didn’t miss a day,” says Art Center Director Allison Valchuis. “Our teachers received training on how to run virtual classes on Wednesday, March 11, and we went online on Friday as New York began to go into lockdown.” We were one of the first schools in the city to make the transition. We knew we had to act fast. Many of our students have been taking classes with us for five, ten, or 20 years — they depend on this community.”

Longstanding students aren’t the only ones who benefit. Art, jewelry and ceramics classes have never been more in demand at 92Y and new students are joining us from all over the world.

Adult dance students who had put their passion on the back burner are reconnecting to the art of movement from home. “Despite the lockdown, 92Y kept dance moving forward,” says Taryn Kaschock Russell, director of the Harkness Dance Center. And School of Music students are deep diving into intimate online classes with artists, critics, professors, and more.

Our new virtual art gallery, Works in Progress, has created a living document of the moment — showcasing how an increasingly diverse group of international contemporary artists and curators are processing the pandemic in real time. “We’ve always wanted to make art accessible to people beyond the Upper East Side,” says Valchuis. “This year, we did it. We are now a global art center.”

Why has art been so popular this year? Yana Stotland, director of 92Y’s School of Music, sums it up succinctly: “Art helps people imagine life beyond the pandemic.”

Your support has allowed us to bring joy, creativity, and a dream of a better tomorrow to more people than ever before.


Clockwise from top: BETWEEN LAND AND SEA — Simon Benjamin, A Return (2019) from Between Land and Sea, a Works in Progress exhibition. SCHOOL OF MUSIC — Private music lessons at the School of Music continue to engage and inspire students of all ages. ART CENTER — Watercolor painting instructor Wennie Huang moved her popular studio classes online. UNCUT GEMS — Alien Baby by Danielle Karlikoff, from Uncut Gems, a Works in Progress exhibition of works by Gem Z, curated by Current Obsession

Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)

The shutdown came as the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) marked its 25th anniversary of educating the dance educators of tomorrow — but that didn’t put a stop to DEL’s activities. Courses continued online, enabling students to take the program’s invaluable summer workshop from their homes. Our virtual DEL Summer Institute sold out, and new sessions were added to accommodate demand; a brand-new DEL class for families was launched, along with a new workshop on the art of teaching choreography through Zoom.

How do we safely welcome people back to our building?

Throughout the pandemic, our overriding priority has been the safety of our community. That’s why we have invested in a top-to-bottom review of our facilities. We have appointed CBRE consultants to prepare the building, staff, and patrons for the COVID-19 crisis with a new set of protocols, informed by the guidance issued by government and public health authorities, including the CDC and the NYCDOH. Improved ventilation systems, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, staff training, communications and signage, health promotion programs and the adoption of a responsive, adaptive approach have empowered us to thoughtfully and carefully begin welcoming our patrons back to our building with the utmost confidence. And our work has become a model for other organizations facing similar difficulties.

How do we assure the future of a New York City icon?

Because of you, the 92Y community has stayed connected through one of the most challenging periods of our 147-year history. We asked for your help — and record numbers of you responded to our call. This extraordinary outpouring of support has allowed 92Y to remain operational and serve our growing global community during this time.


Clockwise from top: Shantell Martin, Dorrance Dance, Salman Rushdie, The Knights, Billy Collins


    Founder of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees


    Author, professor, columnist


    Columbia University film professor, Reel Pieces moderator, author


    CEO, General Assembly, co-author of the Business for Racial Equity Pledge


    Founder and President, Student Leadership Network


    Founder, Big Apple Urgent Care

How can we harness the power of innovation to effect positive change in the world?

In 2020, as many of our society’s established norms were called into question, the Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact brought together communities from diverse backgrounds to seek solutions to today’s most difficult challenges.

Campaign for 100%

Campaign for 100%

An eight-week digital initiative explored why democracy works better when more people participate, and how to protect everyone’s right to do so.

NATIONAL REACH: 280,000 people

[This made] the current chaotic situation less frightening — and even somewhat comprehensible and sane.”

— Campaign for 100% viewer

Every democracy needs thoughtful conversation and dialogue and the 92nd Street Y has for a very long time been a headquarters and a warm welcoming home for that kind of conversation. We don’t have enough of it in our country and so I say thank you to the 92nd Street Y.”

— E.J. Dionne, introducing the opening Campaign for 100% event
Women inPower

Women inPower

The fellowship program that provides senior-level women with peer support and mentoring to help advance them to the highest levels of leadership worked through the challenges of the pandemic to deliver growth, providing ways for the fellows and mentors to support each other.

This has been the most impactful program I have attended. I am reaping unimaginable benefits from the community, programming and mentorship.”

— 2020 Women inPower Fellow

The 92Y Women inPower Fellowship has changed my personal and professional life.”

— 2020 Women inPower Fellow

As we navigate from this period of crisis to the next exciting stage for our beloved institution, your support is more crucial than ever.

Despite our success in online programming and the growth in our global audience, we are still facing significant financial challenges.

Pre-COVID, we had a $67 million budget, of which 70% came from ticket sales and tuition generated by in-person programming, much of which vanished in March when New York City was shut down.

While our online events have allowed us to reach new audiences and build new communities around the world, the revenues that they generate remain a fraction of our pre-COVID revenues.

It is only through the generous support of our donors that we are able to continue the programming upon which our extended community depends.

The 92nd Street Y
Board of Directors

Our deepest appreciation is extended to the 92Y Board of Directors for committing their time, energy and resources to helping 92Y throughout this challenging time. We are thankful for their steadfast support and indefatigable leadership now and always.


  • Laurence D. Belfer˚

Chair Emeritus

  • Marc S. Lipschultz*˚

Vice Chairs

  • Jennifer Heyman Millstone˚
  • Andrea Olshan˚
  • Eva Colin Usdan˚

Treasurer/Chairman of the Finance Committee

  • Paul Levy˚

Board of Directors

  • Jody Gottfried Arnhold˚
  • Glenn August
  • Catherine H. Behrend
  • Michael Berland
  • Len Blavatnik
  • Thomas Block˚
  • Matthew Bronfman*˚
  • Kathy Chazen
  • Andrew Crystal
  • Sandy Diamond
  • Stuart J. Ellman*
  • Michael S. Feldberg
  • Christine Ferer
  • Lee Fixel
  • Nancy Friedman
  • Glenn Fuhrman
  • Rick Gerson
  • Jeffrey B. Goldenberg
  • Todd Hirsch
  • Rebecca Kaden
  • Thomas S. Kaplan*
  • Lori A. Kasowitz
  • Richard L. Kay
  • Elena Hahn Kiam
  • Jonathan Korngold
  • Eric Lane
  • William P. Lauder
  • Constance G. Littman
  • Fredric Mack*
  • Richard J. Mack
  • Cheryl Minikes
  • Martin J. Oppenheimer
  • Meredith Milstein Polivy
  • David S. Rose
  • Barry Rosenstein
  • Yossi Sagol
  • Gail Michele Saltz, MD
  • Curtis Schenker
  • Dov Seidman
  • Wendy Siegel
  • Lauren Hochfelder Silverman
  • Oliver Stanton˚
  • Ronald Stein
  • Stuart Sucherman
  • Kenneth L. Wallach˚
  • Alison Winter
  • Brian Wolfe
  • Caryn Zucker

Honorary Directors

  • Clive Chajet z”l
  • Jerome A. Chazen
  • Marcia Eppler Colvin
  • Richard Crystal
  • Michael Goldstein*
  • Gerald J. Grossman
  • Joan L. Jacobson z”l*
  • Daniel R. Kaplan*
  • Nancy Z. Lane
  • Hon. Joseph Lieberman
  • Armand Lindenbaum
  • Peter W. May
  • Irwin Miller
  • Philip L. Milstein*
  • Mitchell J. Nelson
  • Madeline I. Noveck
  • Martin J. Rabinowitz
  • Elihu Rose
  • Marcella Rosen
  • Judith O. Rubin*
  • Harriet Weintraub
  • Myrna Z. Weiss

* Past Presidents

˚ Executive Committee member


    Because of you, the 92Y community has stayed connected through one of the most challenging periods of our 146-year history.

    We asked for your help — and record numbers of you responded to our call. This extraordinary outpouring of support has allowed 92Y to remain operational and serve our growing global community during this time.

    In the accompanying list, we recognize the donors who made gifts and pledge payments of $1,000 or more between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Thank you.

    As we start the new fiscal year, we must ask again for your support, without which our programs will not survive. If you would like to make a gift, please email or call the Development office at 212.415.5755. Please consider making a gift online at 92Y.org/HelpNow.

    We are so grateful to each and every one of you for helping to sustain our beloved institution during this time of continued uncertainty.

    *This listing does not include 92Y Board members.
  • Donors


    • Anonymous (2)
    • Jody and John Arnhold
    • The Belfer Family
    • Estate of Lawrence A. and Claire B. Benenson
    • Blavatnik Family Foundation
    • Estate of Samuel Brandt
    • Melanie and Matthew Bronfman
    • Kate W. Cassidy Foundation
    • Harkness Foundation for Dance
    • Himan Brown Charitable Trust
    • Daphne Recanati Kaplan and Thomas S. Kaplan
    • The Leir Foundation in memory of Henry J. & Erna D. Leir
    • Jennifer and Marc Lipschultz
    • Cheryl and Philip L. Milstein
    • Olshan Family
    • Joan H. and Preston Robert Tisch z”l
    • UJA-Federation of New York
    • Estate of Amber Walker in memory of Christopher Lightfoot Walker

    CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE ($200,000–$499,999)

    • Anonymous (3)
    • Debbie and Glenn August
    • Gilda Block
    • Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman
    • Susan and Jeffrey Goldenberg
    • Marcella Guarino and Gregg S. Hymowitz
    • William P. Lauder and Lori Kanter Tritsch
    • Constance and David Littman
    • Tami and Fredric Mack
    • Jennifer and David Millstone
    • National Endowment for the Humanities
    • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
    • Estate of Sharon Schweidel
    • The Oliver Stanton Foundation
    • Eva Colin Usdan and John Usdan
    • Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach
    • Marshall Weinberg
    • The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
    • Susan and Benjamin Winter

    DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE ($100,000–$199,999)

    • Dan and Ewa Abraham
    • Catherine Hannah Behrend
    • Dana and Eric Birnbaum
    • Lisa and Jeff Blau
    • Bloomberg Philanthropies
    • Charina Endowment Fund
    • Yael and Gary Fegel
    • Wendy Fisher, Dennis Goodman
    • and the Kirsh Foundation
    • Danyelle Freeman and Josh Resnick
    • Erin and Peter Friedland
    • Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Lori A. and Marc E. Kasowitz
    • Sarah and Eric Lane
    • Christine and Richard Mack
    • Leni and Peter W. May
    • Craig Newmark Philanthropies
    • New York City Department of Youth and Community Development
    • The New York Community Trust
    • New York State Council on the Arts
    • Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer
    • Meredith Milstein Polivy and Lance Polivy
    • Carolyn and Curtis Schenker
    • Merryl and James Tisch

    LEADERS CIRCLE ($50,000–$99,999)

    • Anonymous (1)
    • The Applebaum Foundation, Inc.
    • Denise V. Benmosche
    • The Bolton Family Trust
    • The Edwin Caplin Foundation and Mr. Chretien Risley, Trustee
    • CASA
    • The Chazen and Chazen Miller Families
    • The Derfner Foundation
    • Susan Berger Ellman and Stuart J. Ellman
    • Michael S. Feldberg and Ruth Lazarus
    • Rick Gerson
    • Howard Gilman Foundation
    • The Marc Haas Foundation, Inc.
    • Todd Hirsch and Tracy McNamara
    • The Hite Foundation
    • Rebecca Kaden and Scott Friedman
    • Kristy and Jonathan Korngold
    • Evelyn H. Lauder Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
    • Leonard and Judy Lauder
    • Leon Levy Foundation
    • Nancy and Paul G. Levy
    • Margie and Michael Loeb
    • Margulf Foundation
    • Mertz Gilmore Foundation
    • Betsy Miller and Stuart Sucherman
    • Cheryl and Michael Minikes
    • Howard and Eleanor Morgan
    • The Henry Nias Foundation
    • Arnold S. and Madaleine Penner
    • Drs. Gail M. and Leonard Saltz
    • The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
    • Pam B. and Scott Schafler
    • Maria and Dov Seidman
    • Lauren Hochfelder Silverman
    • Emily Stecher and Stephen Rosenthal
    • Esta Eiger Stecher
    • Ann and Andrew Tisch
    • Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Fund
    • Alison Winter and Margaret Wheeler Johnson
    • Ali and Brian Wolfe

    AMBASSADORS CIRCLE ($25,000–$49,999)

    • Anonymous (2)
    • Kara and Julian Acker
    • Alliant
    • Eileen A. and Lowell Aptman
    • The Augustine Foundation
    • Barkey Charitable Trust
    • Erica and Scott Belsky
    • Georgette Bennett and Leonard Polonsky
    • Lisa and Marc Boyan
    • The Brodsky Family Foundation
    • Carnegie Corporation
    • Robert and Lenore Davis
    • Judy and Jamie Dimon
    • Cheryl and Blair Effron
    • T.S. Eliot Foundation
    • EnTrust Capital, Inc.
    • Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
    • Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
    • The Andrew L. Farkas Family
    • The Sidney E. Frank Foundation
    • The David Geffen Foundation
    • Dan Goldman and Corinne Levy
    • Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Foundation, Inc.
    • J. Ira and Nicki Harris
    • Jefferies
    • Jericho Capital Asset Management LP
    • Renée and Daniel Kaplan
    • Kirkland and Ellis
    • Loren and Casey M. Klein
    • The Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation, Inc., and
    • Michele Gerber Klein
    • John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
    • Lindsay and Stephen Kraus
    • Joan M. Leiman
    • Stacey and Eric M. Mindich
    • Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    • National Endowment
    • for the Arts
    • Jane and Daniel Och
    • Leo Oppenheimer and Flora Oppenheimer Haas Foundation
    • Robert A. Ouimette
    • Partners Group
    • The Pinkerton Foundation
    • Anna and Martin J. Rabinowitz
    • Cara and Adam Raleigh
    • Shari Redstone
    • Erynne and Ari Rennert
    • Elizabeth Flisser Rosman and Adam L. Rosman
    • Atoosa and Ari Rubenstein
    • Marvin and Sylvia Rubin Family Foundation
    • May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
    • Lynda and Robert Safron / The Edythe Kenner Foundation
    • Ronald Saltz
    • Jeff Schoenfeld
    • Rachel and Daniele Schwartz
    • ServiceNow
    • Aline Shapiro
    • Steve and Wendy Siegel
    • Sarah Gould Steinhardt and David Steinhardt
    • Sheel Tyle
    • Sarah and Andy Washkowitz
    • Women’s Health-Hearst Magazines Inc.
    • Donald and Barbara Hrbek Zucker

    CORNERSTONE CIRCLE ($10,000–$24,999)

    • Anonymous (10)
    • Randi and Scott Alper
    • The American Jewish Committee
    • Aon Foundation
    • Stuart S. Applebaum Giving Foundation
    • Jack Balos
    • Candace Carmel Barasch and Michael Barasch
    • Joan Beir
    • Elizabeth Belfer
    • Renee Berger and Sandye Berger
    • Zoe and Jon Bernstein
    • Jennifer and Peter Bernstein
    • Susan Berresford
    • Emma and Jason Bloch
    • Liz and Blair Boyer
    • Jack Brooks Foundation
    • Jennifer Brownstone
    • Theodore Cohn
    • Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
    • Con Edison
    • Sharon and Jon Corzine
    • The Frederic R. Coudert Foundation
    • The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
    • Delos Living LLC
    • Elissa Doyle and Matthew Dontzin
    • Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie
    • Deborah and Eric Edell
    • Renee S. Edelman
    • Elissa and David Emden
    • Caryl S. and Israel Englander
    • Judy and Anthony Evnin
    • EY
    • The Moses Feldman Family Foundation
    • Fiduciary Trust
    • Estelle and Jerry Finkelstein
    • Nancy Fisher and Marc Kirschner
    • The FLAG Art Foundation
    • Stephen and Barbara Friedman Foundation
    • G + S Motor Equipment Co.
    • Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation
    • Caroline and James Gertler
    • Shirin Ghotbi
    • Sandi and Larry Gluck
    • Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    • Joyce & Irving Goldman Family Foundation
    • Yonina and Eric Gomberg
    • Gray Foundation
    • Gerald J. Grossman
    • Alan L. and Barbara Jacobs
    • Frederick L. Jacobson
    • Jamestown
    • Kara Jesella and Marc Ellenbogen
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • The Karev Foundation
    • Dana and Joseph Kekst
    • Ana Paula Kelm and Patrick Arnhold
    • David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation
    • Pat Klingenstein
    • Alexander and Irina Knaster
    • Molly and Matthew Knauer
    • The Kraus Organization
    • Stuart and Barbara Kreisberg
    • Nancy and Jeffrey Lane
    • Wendy and Steven Langman
    • Latham and Watkins LLP
    • Michelle and Norman Lattman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lauren
    • The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
    • Eileen and Peter Lehrer
    • Nathan Lindenbaum
    • The Frederick Loewe Foundation
    • Madison Realty Capital
    • Sofia Madyarova and Igor Fert
    • Shelly and Anthony Malkin
    • Ellen F. Marcus
    • Jerry and Judy Mermel
    • Linda Mirels
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
    • Stephanie and Gregory Munves
    • Leslie and Mitchell J. Nelson
    • Newmark & Company Real Estate Inc.
    • Madeline I. Noveck
    • Gerry Ohrstrom
    • Kim and Jason Ostheimer
    • Tom and Kristi Patterson
    • Erica and Kevin Penn
    • Barbara and Lou Perlmutter
    • Kate Stamell and Adam Piekarski
    • Helaine and Michael Pruzan
    • Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation
    • Leon and Elayne Reimer
    • Lilya and Joel Reiss
    • Harriet and Eric Rothfeld
    • Amy and Richard Ruben
    • Helen S. Rubinstein
    • Kerry and Rabbi Peter Rubinstein
    • Pamela and Richard Rubinstein Foundation
    • Ruth Catone Inc.
    • The Jack and Anita Saltz Foundation, Inc.
    • Melodie and Martin Scharf
    • Robert and Silvia Schechter
    • Carrie and Jeremy Schein
    • Mindy Schneider and Michael Lesser
    • Scully Peretsman Foundation
    • David Shapiro and Abby Pogrebin
    • Melissa and Stephen Shapiro
    • Jill and Howard Sharfstein
    • Mesi and Stanley Shashoua
    • Selina and Sihan Shu
    • Lilian Sicular in memory of David R. Sicular
    • The Muriel F. Siebert Foundation
    • Virginia and Dr. Mark Silver
    • SoFi
    • Marion and Ronald J. Stein
    • Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation
    • STIGroup
    • The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation
    • Sy Syms Foundation
    • Dorothy and Andrew Tananbaum
    • Erica Temel and Max Levine
    • Tiger Global Management LLC
    • Jessie Tisch and Daniel Levine
    • Laurie Tisch
    • Barbara and Donald z”l Tober
    • Julian Torres and Lily Oliver-Torres
    • Validity Finance
    • Lauren Yeager and Elliot Wagner
    • Maggie Wang and Ting Jia
    • Wechsler Foundation
    • Jeffrey and Felecia Weiss
    • Zegar Family Fund

    BENEFACTOR ($5,000–$9,999)

    • Anonymous (6)
    • Caryl and Herbert Ackerman
    • The Reed Adkins Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
    • Susan K. Appel
    • ARC Marketing LLC
    • Sarah Arison
    • Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation
    • Heather and Felix Baker
    • Alexandra Barth and Tyler Blackwell
    • Philippe and Jaclyn Berdugo
    • Noah and Rhoda Berley
    • Jessica and Natan Bibliowicz
    • Aileen and Foster Birch
    • Lindsay and Andy Brod
    • Helen Michele Chardack
    • Betsy Cohn
    • Marjorie Devereaux and David Hall
    • Durst Organization, Inc.
    • East Coast Energy Group
    • Diana and Fred Elghanayan
    • Mario and Viviana Epelbaum
    • Nora Ephron + Nicholas Pileggi Foundation
    • Caroline Erisman and John Silberstein
    • Christine Ferer
    • Rebecca Raphael and Eric Feuerstein
    • Fingerpaint Marketing Inc.
    • First Republic
    • Richard P. Fishman and Marny Cherkasky
    • Hope Fitzgerald
    • Jill and Michael J. Franco
    • Mary and Harvey Freeman
    • Karen and Edward Friedman
    • Judith Fryer and Daniel Biggs
    • Mr. Augie Furst
    • Henry and Susan Gabbay
    • Patricia Gantz
    • Helen Garrison
    • Lauren and Martin Geller
    • Carolyn and Leonard Gero
    • Liane Ginsberg
    • Deborah and Daniel Glass
    • Nita Glickberg
    • Katie and Michael Goldberg
    • Eric Warren Goldman in loving memory of Dr. Sanford and Phyllis Bolton
    • Dana and Michael Goldstein
    • The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund
    • Scott J. Green
    • Greenberg Traurig, LLP
    • Marni and Bruce Gutkin
    • Cassie and Daniel Haykin
    • Shirley M. Henschel
    • Aaron Lieber and Bruce Horten
    • Daniel Ilundain and Lisa Lewin
    • Inspir Modern Senior Living
    • Helen and David Jaffe
    • Stephanie Jones and Jason Hodes
    • Jenny Sharfstein Kane and Andrew Kane
    • Kate Kelly and George Schweitzer
    • Susan and Michael Kerr
    • Shelly and Howard Kivell
    • Jenna and David Koslovsky
    • Alice Kosmin
    • Regina and Richard Krumholz
    • Laidlaw & Company
    • Bonnie Lautenberg
    • Joan Lazarus
    • Lehrer Cumming
    • Anne Levy Charitable Trust, Jean L. Karotkin
    • Linda Lindenbaum
    • Brian P. Lipton
    • Lorica Asset Management
    • Phyllis and William Mack
    • Joseph and Mary Beth Marshall
    • Frances McKenzie
    • The Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Foundation
    • Miraldina and Anthony Meyer
    • Sandra and Edward Meyer
    • Betsy Michel
    • Bethany and Robert B. Millard
    • Howard P. and Abby Milstein
    • Joshua Milstein
    • C. Jay Moorhead Foundation
    • Liz and Gus Oliver
    • Sarah O’Neill and Barry Munger
    • Barbara and Sanford Orkin
    • Michael and Elyse O’Sullivan
    • Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation
    • Paul Hastings LLP
    • Jerry and Marie Pindus
    • Seth and Angela Pinsky
    • Plasticard-Locktech (PLI)
    • Lesley and Jonathan Plotkin
    • Gail Propp
    • Quality Branded
    • Claire James and Ethan Ravetch
    • Red Sea Ventures
    • William Reed II
    • Denice H. Rein
    • Gedaliah and Anna Riesenberg
    • The Jerome Robbins Foundation
    • Vicki Rosen-Solomon and Jessica Rosen-Laegner and Ronald K. Laegner
    • Robin and Richard Rothfeld
    • Carolyn and Marc Rowan
    • Judith O. Rubin
    • Tara and Morgan Rutman
    • Suzanne G. and William J. Sales
    • Danielle Sassoon and Adam Katz
    • Katherine and Michael Schafler
    • Carolyn and Curtis Schenker
    • Susan Scherr and Stephen Scherr
    • Jolie Schwab and David Hodes
    • Barry and Sheryl Schwartz
    • Erica R. and Eric S. Schwartz
    • Segerdahl Corporation
    • Carolyn and Mark Selden
    • Alex Shapses of Heritage Strategies
    • Carren Shulman
    • Siggi’s Dairy
    • Alan Silverstein
    • Jamil Simon
    • David and Dede Smith
    • Helena and Stephen Sokoloff
    • Michael and Claudia Spies
    • Janet G. Spitzer and Gilbert Spitzer
    • Robert and Evelyn z”l Stahl
    • Sterling Risk Insurance
    • Alan and Beverly Sternlieb Family Charitable Fund
    • Alan and Katherine Stroock Fund and the Leighton Family
    • Sylvan Family Foundation
    • Susan Taussig
    • Judy Wesalo Temel and Charles S. Temel
    • Bonnie and Thomas Uger
    • Margot Usdan
    • Vince LLC
    • Jan Warner
    • Emily Washkowitz Tarkan and Adam Tarkan
    • Elaine and Alan G. Weiler
    • The Weininger Foundation, Inc.
    • Andrew and Remy Weinstein
    • Myrna Z. and Dr. Arthur Weiss
    • Nina and Gary Wexler
    • Wheelhouse Entertainment
    • Willis Towers Watson
    • Kim Yellin and Marc Stern
    • Toni Young
    • James and Vivian Zelter
    • Brian and Elisa Zied
    • Misha Zinkow and Elka Abrahamson

    SUSTAINER ($2,500–$4,999)

    • Anonymous (9)
    • Serafima and Jeff Abramoff
    • Doris and Laurence Ashkin
    • Bank of America Foundation
    • Virginia Barbato
    • Natalie and Brett Barth
    • Melissa and Adam Bernard
    • Richard and Debbie Born
    • Linda Brown
    • Sarah and Robert Brown
    • The Bydale Foundation
    • Jessica and Peter Chavkin
    • Marjorie Chertok
    • Andrea and Tim Clark
    • Bobbi Coller, PhD and Barry Coller, MD
    • Ronald And Linda F. Daitz
    • Peggy and Dick Danziger
    • Jennifer and Stephen Davidson
    • Mary and Charles A. z”l DeBare
    • Sandy and Ron Diamond
    • Sidney and Howard Druckman
    • Robyn and Richard Ebers
    • Josh Elkes
    • Susan Etess and Howard L. Zimmerman
    • Roger and Barbara Felberbaum
    • Maureen and John Ferrari
    • Bob and Polly Flanigan
    • Kenneth and Ellen Forrest
    • Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson LLP
    • Lawrence and Alice Friedland
    • Nicole Friedman and Richard Cahill
    • Jodi and Marc Ganz
    • Arlyn S. Gardner and Edward L. z”l Gardner
    • Kristin Gervasio and Stuart Rabin
    • Laurie and Stephen Girsky
    • Elaine Gnessin and Larry Wurzel
    • Aileen Godsick and Peter A. Godsick, M.D.
    • Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    • Patricia and Bernard Goldstein
    • Roslyn Goldstein
    • Estate of Florence C. Golly
    • Howard and Deborah Goodman
    • Judith Gordon
    • Michael L. Gordon
    • Marcie and Laurence Gottlieb
    • John E. Greenwood
    • Lisa Hadar
    • Hayden Family Foundation
    • Marilyn Haykin and The Helmar Foundation
    • Janet and Arthur Hershaft
    • Ronnie and Samuel J. Heyman
    • Laurie Lindenbaum and Robert Horne
    • Impact Innovations Inc.
    • Janie and Arthur Indursky
    • Marcia Kalin and Stephen Rayport
    • Daniel Kaner and Sonia Kashuk
    • Jane and Gerald Katcher
    • Judith Kaufman, PH.D. and Sheldon E. Kaufman, PH.D.
    • Fran Kay
    • Clara and Jay Koh
    • Daniel and Ann Kolb
    • Stacey and Glen Kopp
    • Stephen J. and Sallie W. Krass
    • Josh and Marissa Lafer
    • Nanette L. Laitman
    • Rocco and Deborah Landesman
    • Rose Lansbury
    • Helene Lawrence
    • Ann E. Levin
    • Francis Levy and Hallie Cohen
    • Ira Levy, Lana Masor and Juliette Freedman
    • Julie and Jason Lewittes
    • Dorothy Lichtenstein
    • Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc.
    • Carol Brody Luchs
    • Rachel and Andrew Lustgarten
    • Allison and Howard Lutnick
    • The Mailman Foundation
    • Bernice Manocherian
    • Susan and Morris Mark
    • Arlene and Steve Mark
    • Jeanne E. Martin
    • Jennifer and Michael Marvul
    • Marcia Kramer Mayer
    • Stacey S. Mayrock
    • Joan McClure and Michael Schler
    • Amanda Megibow
    • Sami and Hala Mnaymneh
    • Karen Moore
    • Helene and Henry Morrison
    • Catherine Morrissey
    • Claudia and Douglas A. Morse
    • Lisa and Aaron Morse
    • Alyse and Marc Myers
    • Beth Goldberg Nash and Joshua Nash
    • Brooke and Daniel Neidich
    • Margaret Neimeth
    • Alice Netter
    • Susan and James O’Hara
    • Batsheva and Ronald Ostrow
    • Caroline and Marc Packer
    • Ali and Will Pawlowsky
    • Lois Perelson-Gross and Stewart Gross
    • Kenneth Picache
    • Jill R. Pliskin z”l
    • Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox
    • Kim Pressman
    • Meredith and Michael Proskin
    • PSN Charitable Trust
    • Karen Putterman
    • Donna Regenstreif
    • Kathleen and William Reiland
    • Jen and Zachary Resnick
    • Marcia K. Richer and Harvey L. Richer
    • Heidi and Richard Rieger
    • The Irene Ritter Foundation
    • Donna and Ben Rosen
    • Liz Rosen
    • Nancy Rosen and David Lesch
    • Libby and Seth Rosen
    • Robert S. Rosenbaum
    • Jaime Rosenstein and Joshua Haber
    • Joan and Ed Roth
    • Daryl and Steven Roth
    • Sarah Rothbaum and Rishi Ganti
    • Susan and Bradley Ruskin
    • Mackenzie and Ian Sandler
    • Betty and Paul Schaffer
    • Jonathan Schafler
    • Gregg and Lisa Schenker
    • Ruth Schlesinger
    • Tami Schneider
    • Gary Schpero
    • Carol Schulweis
    • Kerry Schwartz and Sheryl Kashuk
    • Laurie and Owen Schwartz
    • Maxine Roth Schweitzer
    • Joan and Jerry Serchuck
    • Irvin G. and Beatrice M. Shaffer Fund of Berks County Community Foundation
    • Donna and Gordon Shalek
    • Gil Shiva
    • Linda and David Sicher
    • Wilma Siegel
    • The Sigety Family Foundation
    • Leslie Singer and Larry Noe
    • Kristin and Craig Smart
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Snyder
    • David A. Sokol
    • Sarah Billinghurst Solomon
    • and Howard Solomon
    • Nancy and Kenneth Stein
    • Allison and Michael Stillman
    • Jackie and Brian Swanson
    • Marcy Syms
    • Amir and Gabriella Toossi
    • Topic LLC
    • Ariel and Dikla Treves
    • Villa Milano
    • W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.
    • Charlene Wang
    • Daniel Weiss and Amy Berkower
    • Sandra Willen
    • Ann M. Winton
    • Fred Wistow
    • Kathy Yeu
    • Anna and Dov Zigler
    • Michael and Charlotte Zinder

    PATRON ($1,000–$2,499)

    • Anonymous (21)
    • Anne and Ronald Abramson
    • Alton L. Abramowitz and Susan J. Gorelick
    • Elisia Abrams and Keath Blatt
    • Andrea and David Acker
    • Rachel Adams and Jon Connolly
    • Stephanie Adamowicz and Zachary Goldman
    • Deborah and Charles Adelman
    • Mark and Corie Adjmi
    • Judith and Jack Adler
    • Stephanie Adler-Ulan and Jeremy Ulan
    • Susan Akselrad
    • Abby and Ron Allen
    • Eugenia and David Ames
    • Elizabeth K. Arleo and Joshua W. Thompson
    • Tali Asias-Petersen and Anders Petersen
    • Claudine and Fred Bacher
    • Staci and John Barber
    • Paul and Lisa Baron
    • Thomas Barron
    • Elissa Bassini and Jeremy Pick
    • Reina and Emilio Bassini
    • Shari and Joel Beckman
    • Tina and David Bellet
    • Nancy and Mark Belsky
    • Dr. Anna Bender-Zeckendorf and Mr. William Lie Zeckendorf
    • Kim Bendheim
    • Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Berk
    • Judy and Howard P. Berkowitz
    • Phyllis and Martin Berman
    • Steffi and Robert Berne
    • Christine Bernick
    • Gayle and Stephen Bernstein
    • Joel Berson
    • Mrs. Lynn Biel
    • Benjamin And Elizabeth Bilus
    • Ellen and Barry Birnbaum
    • Sabrina and Scott Birnbaum
    • Joan S. Blaine
    • Alecia Blake
    • Robyn Blaser
    • Arlene and Harvey R. Blau
    • Elaine Blaustein
    • Harvey Blecher
    • Kim Bleimann
    • Laurie Blitzer and Sam Levine
    • Barbara and James Block
    • Barry and Lilia Bloom
    • Marcy Bloom
    • Howard Blum
    • Mr. And Mrs. Jeffrey Bolton
    • Taylor and Elena Bond
    • Jessica and Adam Bookman
    • Jamie and Aaron Books
    • Georges and Anne Borchardt
    • Robert Bourque and Katherine Staton
    • The Boxer Family Foundation
    • Marlene Brachfeld
    • Gary and Nancy Brandeis
    • Joan H. and David E. Bright
    • Eileen Brilliant and Gary Judelson
    • Hillary and Joshua Bronstein
    • Nancy Bronstein and Joseph Sponholz
    • Frank and Deenie Brosens
    • Anita Kalusin Brown
    • Diane and Clyde Brownstone
    • Nancy and John Buchanan
    • Adam and Michal Burk
    • Ashley and Lawrence Buterman
    • Brenda and Albert K. Butzel
    • Susan Caplan and Stuart Shikiar
    • Elliot Carlen
    • Jasmine Chang and Philip Carpenter
    • Rebecca and Peter Chang
    • Marcy and Leona Chanin Foundation
    • Jessica Chapman-Lim and Daniel Lim
    • Leonard Chazen and Linda Rappaport
    • Virginia B. Cheney
    • Andrew Chrisomalis and Jacqueline Baker
    • Judith Cobb and Larry Hurst
    • Maureen and Marshall Cogan
    • Edwin C. Cohen
    • Jody and Jeff Cohen
    • Sandra Kopit Cohen
    • Stephanie E. Cohen
    • Steven Cohen
    • Barbara B. Cohn
    • Michael Cohn
    • Barbara Cohn-Berman and Hon. Frederic S. Berman
    • Lisa Colby-Jones and Paul Jones
    • Judy Colton
    • Alexis Conason and Gregory Dodell
    • Julie Cushing Connelly
    • Copper Canyon Press
    • George Corbin and Sarah Fabricant-Corbin
    • Mary Corson
    • The Cowles Charitable Trust
    • Crawford Doyle Charitable Foundation
    • Darcie and Jonathan Crystal
    • Chicca D’Agostino
    • The Dana Foundation
    • The Dau Family Foundation
    • Richard Davidoff and Nancy Kantor
    • Lawrence Davidson
    • Michelle Davidson and David Friedman
    • Pan Ding and Xiao Tong
    • Brian and Caryn Doppelt
    • Richard Dovere
    • Persis Drell
    • Marilyn and Joseph H. Dukoff
    • Cynthia F. and David B. Edelson
    • Pia Ehrhardt
    • Ruth Lloyds and William Ehrlich
    • Leslie and Bruce Eichner
    • David and Cheryl Einhorn
    • Orly and Justin Elliott
    • Bob Fagenson and Linda Berley
    • John Falk
    • Melissa and Andrew Farber
    • David and Marla Feinberg
    • Toni and Richard Feinbloom
    • Emily and Jordan Feirman
    • Fondation Femme Debut
    • Nancy K. Flecher
    • Lincoln Field
    • Victoria and Gary Fishman
    • Susan and Norman Fixel
    • Tom and Meira Fleisch
    • Sam Fox
    • Fran-Man Foundation Inc
    • Vivian Freilicher
    • Judith Freudman
    • Madalyn and Stephen Friedberg
    • Elyssa Friedland
    • Barbara T. Friedman
    • Gary and Carol Friedman
    • Megan and Kevin Fritz
    • Joanne and Edward Froelich
    • Ellen Garber
    • Clare Garfield
    • Jean L Gates
    • Bonnie and Peter Gatof
    • Yvette Geary
    • Susie and Michael Gelman
    • Guillaume Gentet and David Carpenter
    • Mary Ginsberg
    • Janet Ginsburg
    • Vivian Ginsburg-Miller and Larry Miller
    • Edythe Gladstein
    • Ruth and Jack Glantz Family Foundation
    • Alice Gleason
    • Debra Goldberg
    • Amy S. and Ronald E. Goldberger
    • Golden K-9 Protective Services
    • Cindy F. Golden
    • Louise Kovens Goodman
    • Bernard and Jennifer Gordon
    • Joan Gordon
    • Les and Stephanie Gorman
    • Mr. Harry E. Gould, Jr.
    • William Greene
    • Ellen and Robert Grimes
    • Ellen K. Gross
    • Jiajun Gu and Ethan Liang
    • Serafina and Tommaso Guarino
    • Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation, Inc.
    • Kent and Elisabeth Habecker
    • Barbara Handler
    • Janice Handler and Norman Ilowite
    • Brian Hargrove and David Hyde Pierce
    • Maxime and Evan Harnik
    • Shelley and Gilbert Harrison
    • Dana Hart
    • Alison Hashmall and Milosz Gudzowski
    • Jennifer Hoffman and George Contos
    • Caren Heller
    • Yvette Hershaft
    • Samuel Herzfeld
    • Betty and Rodger Hess
    • Diane and Kenneth Hipkins
    • Joel and Maxine Hirsch
    • Annette Hollander
    • Richard and Barbara Holt
    • Neil Horner
    • Harris M. Horowitz
    • Rebecca Houck and Nicholas Cohen
    • Samantha Howard
    • David Huberfield
    • Rita and Lenny Hymowitz
    • Enid Israelson
    • Mary and Edward Jacobs
    • JPMorgan Chase Foundation
    • Jerry Kamiel
    • Jeanne Kanders
    • Richard C. Kane
    • Catherine Kim and Joe Kaplan
    • Maria Kim, DDS and Zachary Green
    • Lena Kaplan
    • Richard and Cathy Kaplan
    • Kasirer Consulting
    • Rachel and Drew Katz Foundation
    • Ronald and Susan Kaufmann
    • Virginia and Richard Keim
    • Alice and Jeffrey Keimweiss
    • Carol Kekst and Esther Winik
    • Susan Kerley
    • Alfonso Kimche
    • Danielle and David Kirsch
    • David Klafter
    • Barbara and Martin P. Klein
    • Helaine Klieger
    • Elaine B Kones
    • Philip and Kimberly Krim
    • Lynn Korda Kroll and Jules Kroll
    • Laurie and Max Krotman
    • Paula and Ira Lamel
    • Andrea Landes
    • Eric Lange
    • Frances and Bernard Laterman
    • Julie and Warren Lawson
    • Susan and David Lazarus
    • Allison Lee
    • Karen Lee and Richard Ha
    • Adam Lesman and Sondra Scharf
    • Stephanie and Stephen Levey
    • Michele Levin and Edward A. Brill
    • Nathan Levin and Linda Donald
    • Arleen B. Levine and David Bernstein
    • Brandon Levy and Jami Kirk
    • Betsy and David Levy
    • Donna and Robert Levy
    • The Lichtenstein Family
    • Emily Ann Lichtman
    • Amy and Frank Linde
    • Margo Litwin
    • Frances Liu
    • Phyllis and Walter F. Loeb
    • Madeleine J. Long
    • Robert Losada
    • Lynne Lovell
    • Marian and Leonard Lubinsky
    • Patricia Lunka
    • Samuel and Gabrielle Lurie
    • Marcia Lyons
    • Cary Mabley
    • Sheila Major
    • Robert L. Marcus
    • Susan Mark
    • Peggy Ann Markstein
    • Donald and Catherine Marron Charitable Trust
    • Claire and Cornelius Marx
    • Mary Arnold Toys Inc.
    • Bonnie Maslin
    • Joanne and Norman Matthews
    • Helene McCarty
    • Kathy McCune
    • K. Ann McDonald
    • Kristen and Daniel McFarland
    • Joan McKay
    • Janet M. McKenzie
    • Peter Mensch
    • Joyce F. Menschel
    • Joan Menschenfreund
    • Lauren Blum and C. William Merten
    • Metropolitan Swimming Inc.
    • Evan and Kim Meyers
    • Bibi and Joshua Miller
    • Whitney Miller and Joshua West
    • Weston Milliken
    • Karen Messing and Matthew Millman
    • Philip Mindlin
    • Lisa Mintz
    • John Russell Mitchell
    • Kat Monaghan
    • Rodman and Brooke Moorhead
    • Enid and Lester Morse, Jr.
    • Beth Moses
    • Ellen Murphy and Roy Smith
    • Edie Nadler
    • Elisabeth Naman
    • James and Alison Neisloss
    • Thomas Nelson
    • Neuberger Berman, LLC
    • Dorothy Neustadter
    • New York Post
    • Abigail Nintzel
    • Anthony Nolan
    • Reba Kasten Nosoff
    • Ian Nussbaum
    • NYC & Company Foundation
    • Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel
    • in New York
    • Paula Olsiewski and John Healey, M.D.
    • Jennifer O’Neal
    • Paula Sarnoff Oreck
    • Donna Oren and Ryan Garman
    • Tracy and Scott Orloff
    • Tricia and Jason Pantzer
    • Jane Papish
    • Benjamin Parente
    • Par Plumbing Co., Inc.
    • Manny Pearlman
    • Pam Pedersen
    • Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
    • Robert Perlman
    • Erin Perzov and John Halliday
    • Matthew Phillips
    • Andrea Picott and Joshua Sternfeld
    • Gerald and Miriam Pitman
    • Suzanne B. and William Plotch
    • Nancy and Kirk Pond
    • Sophie and Alfred Portale
    • Daniella and Marc Porzecanski
    • John and Julie Potter
    • Charles and Jessie Price
    • Dina and Douglas Propp
    • Mrs. Roger Pugh
    • Neila Radin
    • Roxane Reardon and Brian Bolster
    • Gail and Jack Ressler
    • Nataly Ritter
    • Meryl Rosofsky and Stuart H. Coleman
    • Ellen and Alain Roizen
    • Susan and Elihu Rose
    • Hila and Saul Rosen
    • Howard and Michelle Rosenbloom
    • Laura and Keith Rosenbloom
    • Daniel Rosenthal and Courtney Granville
    • Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation
    • Rebecca Rosow
    • Lori Rotskoff and Michael Canter
    • Karen Roth and Jesse Jampol
    • Michael Roth
    • Adam and Jessica Rothenberg
    • Dede and Michael Rothenberg
    • Shereen and Howard Rutman
    • Ann and Bill Sacher
    • Grace Sakong and Francis Lee
    • Donna and Phillip Satow
    • Peter and Judith Scardino
    • Edward Schecter
    • Maureen E. Schild
    • Karen Schlansky
    • Lynn Schoenbaum
    • Judy and Bennet Schonfeld
    • Doris Schulman
    • Lynn Josey Schusterman Revocable Trust
    • Jillian Schwam and Robert Zelniker
    • Alan Schwartz and Ilene Tannen
    • Dolores Schwartz
    • Daniel and Susan Schwarzwalder
    • Joyce Gewirtz Segal
    • Claudene Seidel
    • Jane A. Seifert
    • Selby Bus Corporation
    • Jill and Robert Serling
    • Thomas and Dayna Sessa
    • Tushar Shah and Sara Zion
    • Nina Bauer Shapiro and Andrew Shapiro
    • Susan Shapiro and David A. Shapiro
    • Juliet Sharrock
    • Julia V. Shea
    • Michael Sheehy
    • Susan Shimmerlik
    • Paula Silver
    • Alexander Silverman
    • Amy R. and Jeffrey Silverman
    • Shirley and Sidney Singer
    • Jackie Slifka
    • Jan and Randy Slifka
    • Laura J. Sloate
    • Joan and C. Michael Spero
    • Théo Spilka
    • Evelyn Spodek
    • Robert Sporn
    • Pamela and Michael Stanley
    • Ilse Stark
    • Barbara Pollard Stein and Mitchell Stein
    • Amy and Neil Steiner
    • Judy and Michael Steinhardt
    • Dr. Daniel Sterman
    • Rebecca Sternthal and Andrew Schiffrin
    • Ross and Debbie Stevens
    • Stephanie J. Stiefel and Robert S. Cohen
    • Marilyn N. Stillman and Charles A. Stillman
    • Roger L. Strong
    • Alexis Strongin
    • Elizabeth Studebaker
    • Gaby Sulzberger
    • Janice Sung and Christopher Comstock
    • Anne Swartz
    • Kimara Targoff
    • William and Ellen Taubman
    • Beth M. Teitelman
    • Walter Teller
    • Jacqueline Tooter
    • Leslie Topper
    • Mina Tulchinsky
    • Hallie and Mitchell Ulman
    • Mrs. Suzanne Valenstein
    • Erin and Siddhartha Velandy
    • The Ellen M. Violett and Mary P.R. Thomas Foundation. Inc.
    • Lawrence and Laurette Vogel
    • John Vogelstein
    • Cecilia and Mark Vonderheide
    • Kim Weiss and Stephen Oestreich
    • Lynn F. Warshow
    • Ronald G. Weiner
    • In memory of Harry Weinrauch, M.D.
    • Harriet and Ronald Weintraub
    • Carol and Michael Weisman
    • Keren and Guy Weltsch
    • Gary and Peg Wendlandt
    • Richard and Sara Werder
    • Elizabeth A. White-Pultz
    • Elizabeth Winter
    • James D. and Elaine
    • Wolfensohn z”l
    • Camilla and Andrew Wylie
    • Robin Zendell and Charles Stonehill
    • Judith Zucker


    The 92Y Legacy Society recognizes individuals who are supporting the future of 92Y with a commitment in their estate plans.

    • Anonymous (29)
    • Sylvia Antonier-Scher
    • Debbie and Glenn August
    • Doug Bachelis
    • Jack Balos
    • Leiter Bamberger, Jr.
    • Catherine Hannah Behrend
    • Yvette Bendahan
    • Gilda Block
    • Shirley Brodsky
    • Jo Frances Brown
    • Marcia Budd
    • Rochelle Busch
    • James L. Buttenwieser
    • Jill Byatt
    • David G. Clough
    • Theodore Cohn
    • Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
    • Andrew Crystal
    • George J. Ebbinghousen
    • and P. Jaine Jacobs
    • Christine Ferer
    • Robert A. Flanders
    • Erwin Flaxman and Linda R. Laughlin
    • Margot Friedlander
    • Joan Gettry
    • Arlene Glatzer
    • Lynn F. Goldfine
    • Dafna Gorfinkle
    • John E. Greenwood
    • Janice Guttman
    • Shirley M. Henschel
    • Linora Hoffman
    • Frederick L. Jacobson
    • Matilda Kahn
    • Dr. Lee Katz
    • Richard L. Kay
    • Leslie Krakower
    • Patricia Langan
    • Ronald Levine
    • Barry and Jane Linsky
    • Margo Litwin
    • Vivian Lowell
    • Ellen F. Marcus
    • Gabrielle Mellett
    • Donald B. z”l and Pauline Meyer
    • Frances and Irwin Miller
    • Cheryl and Philip L. Milstein
    • Alyse and Marc Myers
    • Sherry L. Natkow
    • Ruth and Sidney z”l Nearenberg
    • Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer
    • Doris Pfeffer
    • Martin Rabinowitz
    • Marsha and Neil Remland
    • Theodore M. Rosenthal
    • Marvin and Sylvia Rubin Family Foundation
    • Florence Rubinstein
    • Sherwood Rudin and Elise Winters
    • Norma Sipkin
    • David A. Sokol
    • Robert and Evelyn z”l Stahl
    • Charles Stendig
    • Milton Weiner
    • Ruili Ye