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Dancer at the opening reception for the Gilda and Henry Block School of the Arts exhibition Natsuko Hattori: Forever, December 18, 2019

A message from our leadership team

Empowering Young Talent to Make Their Dreams a Reality

Coppola in her post-production offices with 92Y Teen Producers alumni (L-R): Aliya Richmond, Susan Dominguez and David Cordero, November 20, 2019
  • Mentoring the next generation of creators—Sofia Coppola welcomes 92Y teen producers

    “I heard about 92Y’s program and asked if the Teen Producers would like to visit my production during filming in New York. The film business is such a closed world, and I’m eager to find ways for young people outside of it to have the opportunity to visit the sets and learn about the work. I hope this program will give more access. The students were all thoughtful and engaged, and I look forward to their program expanding.”

    —Sofia Coppola

    Learn how 92Y’s Teen Producers had the opportunity to work as production assistants on the set of Sofia Coppola’s new film, On the Rocks, starring Bill Murray.

  • 92Y Teen Producers alumni Francis Verdeflor and Aliya Richmond on set with Sofia Coppola
  • Your support brings arts education to:


    NYC public school students and teachers


    of all NYC school districts feature 92Y programs
  • Young Writers Workshop: Finding their voices, writing the future

    “I fell in love with poetry,” a student wrote about their experience at the Unterberg Poetry Center’s Young Writers Workshop this past summer. The program empowers students to flex their creativity in poetry, fiction and more—helping a new generation find their collective voice and articulate truths that will carry them into adulthood. “I knew I was learning from such talented and devoted instructors who would always push me,” wrote another student. “They really challenged us to grow.” As we develop new workshops for younger students and event teachers, we’re inspired by the fact that this kind of growth doesn’t end with summer—it lasts a lifetime.

  • Poetry Center Senior Program Coordinator Sophie Herron with Young Writers Workshop students
  • NYC’s first-ever Teen Arts Week: Connecting teens to the arts as never before

    “Today’s teenagers will take over the world eventually. This new festival gives them a head start,” wrote The New York Times in May, as MoMA, BAM, the Met and 30 more NYC arts organizations were flooded with teens—many of whom had not set foot inside them before. Teen Arts Week, the first festival of its kind, was developed by the 10 Teen Producers in 92Y’s pioneering arts career exploration and mentorship program. It’s all part of a program by CALL, 92Y’s Center for Arts Learning and Leadership. From filmmaking workshops to music jams, choreography creation to poetry slams, Teen Arts Week provided thrilling exposure for teens passionate about the arts—all for free—in the cultural heart of New York City.

  • Developed by

    10 92Y teen producers


    33 arts organizations

    47 events and activities


    1,270 teens in all 5 boroughs

Activating the Artist in Each of Us

Plein air pastels on Cape Cod, summer 2019

Art travel: Deepening the artistic experience

Connecting people as they pursue the things they care most about and giving them opportunities to explore their full potential—that’s what 92Y is all about. And this year, new art immersion tours to destinations like the Venice Biennale, and art makers’ journeys to locations like Ireland’s Mayo Coast and the Italian Alps are captivating our Art Center community. In May, instructor Wennie Huang and Center Director Allison Valchuis took a group of Huang’s students for four days painting on Cape Cod. “This experience transformed my students’ self of themselves as artists,” says Huang. And alongside the joys of creativity and self-expression, the students found community. “Being together with other artists gave me so many new ideas. And I’m so happy that I made new friends,” says student Michelle Mahana.

  • A jewelry artist in residence takes her work to new levels

    “92Y has made me realize what I have always wanted to do—go big in my creations. It has given me courage.” Claudia Lepik, rising star of the European avant-garde jewelry world, was our 2019 Jewelry Artist in Residence, selected by an expert jury from a record number of jewelry artists from 33 countries. This unique residency provides time, space and facilities for research, experimentation and the cultivation of new ideas. “The fact that, at this early stage in my career, someone really appreciates my work and wants to push me further—to me it’s really, really great,” says Claudia.

    “Claudia’s work is arresting, beautiful and challenging. She represents the next wave in how contemporary jewelry is considered,” says Jewelry Center Director Jonathan Wahl.

  • Claudia Lepik

An evening of adornment

  • Jewelry artists, students, faculty, supporters and patrons gathered at the Pen + Brush gallery on December 10 for an evening of adornment and celebration—the 92Y Jewelry Center’s annual benefit. They were there to honor beloved faculty member Pamela Farland; Robin Renzi, owner of ME&RO and a former Jewelry Center student; and Michael and Myron Toback, owners of Myron Toback, Inc. “92Y is a hub that brought us all together,” says Renzi, “an essential part of New York’s jewelry scene.” Funds raised at the benefit will help to ensure that the Jewelry Center—which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year—continues to connect the jewelry community for generations to come.

Connecting People Together, to Live Their Best Lives

Norma Sipkin and Marcia Budd, 92Y Himan Brown Senior Program members

The life-enhancing community of the Himan Brown Senior Program

The Himan Brown Senior Program is the embodiment of 92nd Street Y’s values—a haven for its 700 members who come every day for learning, fun and conversation. It’s a place to find purpose and meaning through the social, educational and spiritual opportunities the program offers. And it’s where the sense of community is so strong it’s literally life-affirming. “I truly don’t think I would have survived as well as I did after my surgery without my friends from the program,” says Marcia Budd, a Himan Brown member for 10 years. “I enjoyed the program so much when I was feeling good that it kept me going throughout my treatment. My 92Y friends would volunteer to go to my appointments with me. They held my hand, made me laugh, took my mind off what was happening. The Himan Brown Senior Program made me want to live.” “People are drawn to 92Y’s senior program by the 60-plus classes a week, led by the highest caliber teachers,” says Program Director Julia Zeuner. “But it’s the community that keeps them here—the community of real friends. I am honored to work with them every day.”

  • Bringing meaning and connection into the lives of a new generation through Judaism

    For the High Holidays this year, 92Y’s Bronfman Center for Jewish Life lead by Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein created a series of services, Renew, to bring new voices into a broader conversation about Jewish life. “We invited comics, writers and philosophers to explore answers to the questions that every person needs to ask,” says Rabbi Scott Perlo, who led the Renew services. “It’s all in an effort to help people find connection with something greater than themselves.”

    Renew is just one of the new activities created by Rabbi Rubinstein and his team to offer anyone with an interest in Judaism the chance to learn, grow, and have fun. Forging intergenerational community bonds helps us find new connections to old traditions. It is a lodestar of the faith that has sustained us for thousands of years.

  • Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein, Rabbi Samantha Frank and Rabbi Scott Perlo
    • High Holiday Services 5780

    • High Holidays @ home Facebook Group

    • A New Song for the New Year

    • 20,000

      Video views from 120 countries


      Minutes viewed
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      Members in 52 countries


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      Total Engagements in 75 Countries

Our values

The 92nd Street Y was founded on a bedrock of Jewish values—values that have guided us since 1874. As we build for the future, they have never been held dearer. These are the ten core principles that shape the way we present ourselves to the world—and to each other.

  • Cultural exchange in leaps and bounds

    In a divided world, 92Y’s Harkness Dance Center promotes human communication and movement in its most magical, fundamental form. A young master choreographer from Madrid blends Japanese Butoh and contemporary Spanish dance to radically reshape the flamenco tradition. A Japanese dancer takes classic American tap to dizzying new heights. A Belfast artist uses strains of neoclassical ballet and urban street dance to create a powerful contemporary riff on social justice. Dancer/choreographers like Sara Cano, Kazu Kumagai and Oona Doherty are just a few of the artists who are passing through 92Y this season—forging a unique cultural dialogue and pushing the international language of dance into unchartered new territory.

  • 2019/20 Harkness Dance Center Artist in Residence Kazu Kumagai
  • Celebrating 25 years of Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)—and the dream of dance for every child

    Since DEL was founded in 1994 by Jody Gottfried Arnhold, more than 3,500 dance educators have studied with DEL and now help make dance in schools part of every child’s learning experience. Because of DEL and Jody’s vision, thousands of schoolchildren all over the country are learning about dance as a vital form of expression, and discovering for themselves how its benefits go far beyond the art form.

  • Strokes of unity: 92Y launches Special Olympics swim team

    Last spring, 92Y’s May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport launched the 92Y Special Olympics Swim Team, opening up the world of competitive swimming to children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. For eight weeks, six young athletes—all of whom participated at no cost—trained in the 92Y pool, and three competed in the Special Olympics New York Summer Games, winning five medals between them. The swimmers gained confidence and motivation, supported by a new community of teammates and coaches. The team is led by the May Center’s Jeffrey Bonaccorso and Kim Weiss, both with a deep passion for working with children with special needs.

  • Coach Kim Weiss and swimmer Annie O’Malley at the Special Olympics New York Summer Games, June 2019

Inspiring New Ways to Create a Better World

Young student in the Parenting Center’s Art Smarts class
  • From the very first steps to the very first grandchild … supporting families every step of the way

    Children and families have always been at the heart of 92Y, and the programs and community that have grown up around them are unique in New York City.

    “Everyone in the child’s life is welcomed here to learn and grow,” says Sally Tannen, Director of the Parenting and Grandparents Centers. New initiatives like the Parent/Caregiver Connection and popular classes for grandparents provide invaluable expertise. Ellen Birnbaum, Director of Early Childhood Programs, says: “We’re striving to create a place that connects all the most important people in a child’s world—the parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, teaching artists and instructors. And through more than $1 million in scholarships, no family need ever be turned away because of an inability to pay.”

  • 92Y Programs for Children & Families



    $1 million+

    in scholarships

A celebration of extraordinary women

In November, we celebrated our fourth annual Extraordinary Women Awards, honoring five women who are cutting new pathways. Emily Tisch Sussman, moderated a conversation between our honorees.

  • Judy Glickman Lauder, photographer, humanitarian, philanthropist and author of the book Beyond the Shadows

  • Shantell Martin, an artist who makes connections between art, education, design, philosophy and technology

  • Lisa Blau, co-founder of _able Partners, an investment fund focused on supporting visionary female founders and their early-stage brands in the positive, healthy living space

  • Amanda Eilian, co-founder of _able Partners, an investment fund focused on supporting visionary female founders and their early-stage brands in the positive, healthy living space

  • Dre Thomas, Extraordinary Women Impact Award honoree, nominated by the community for her work with Smile on Me

  • Emily Tisch Sussman, progressive strategist, host of the podcast Your Primary Playlist, and frequent commentator on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News

Meet some of the extraordinary women in 92Y’s community

92Y Recanati-Kaplan Talks—a forum for today’s biggest thinkers

92Y Talks forges a diverse, multi-generational community where the worlds of art, business, politics and pop can meet to enliven one another—a crucial part of the bedrock of American culture. Curating almost 500 conversations each year with the world’s foremost thought leaders and cultural icons, the program is now the largest of its kind housed within a cultural and community organization. Stacey Abrams, Jean-Paul Agon, Julie Andrews, David Brooks, Arielle Charnas, Laura Dern, Tan France, Ina Garten, Frank Gehry, Jeff Goldblum, Doris Kearns Goodwin, John Grisham, Tom Hanks, Robert Iger, Glenda Jackson, Alex Katz, Gayle King, May Lin, Lizzo, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Mulaney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Itzhak Perlman, David Rubenstein, Wanda Sykes, Oprah Winfrey, and many more inspired and engaged tens of thousands of people in person from our stage, and millions more via livestream and on-demand video. And speaking of audiences, membership of XYZ, the new initiative of 92Y that curates special experiences and events for younger audiences, has grown to 21,500+ people. It’s all about creating a space for real dialogue that everyone can be part of.

  • Oprah Winfrey joined Robert Iger to discuss his first book, The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company
  • Tom Hanks and Gayle King
  • Phoebe Robinson and Lizzo

Celebrating the Arts at the Intersection of Legacy and Innovation

Natsuko Hattori

Our rotating art exhibitions—an initiative that began with Shantell Martin’s residency in 2018—offer startling and necessary new looks at contemporary life to anyone who walks through the doors of the Weill Art Gallery. In Natsuko Hattori: Forever, colorful fabric-wrapped installation pieces billow off the walls, imbuing ordinary surfaces with a radiant sense of energy and renewal. Judy Glickman Lauder’s photographs document the survivors of the Danish resistance—the heroes who rescued and hid 7,000 Jews during World War II. Bonnie Lautenberg’s images of the Arctic and the Israeli desert throw an intimate vision of the environment onto a grade scale. “I’m looking for artists whose work is accessible to people of all ages, everyone who moves through the space,” says Art Center Director Allison Valchuis. These exhibitions, free and open to the public, offer the entire 92Y community a flash of insight and a sense of revelation—directing us outside of our individual lives and toward each other.

  • Inflection concert series—Transforming the way we experience music

    A Mozart masterpiece played by musicians standing on chairs, a dancer weaving between them; a Baroque suite performed by an orchestra in motion … the second season of 92Y’s new Inflection series merging music, movement, literature and visual art opened to an ecstatic response in November, with a concert Anthony Tommasini named a “Best Classical Performance of the Year” in The New York Times. The Geneva Camerata’s Dance of the Sun is one of six dynamic productions in the series which this season explores universal truths found in legend and myth. Curated by Tisch Center for the Arts Director Hanna Arie-Gaifman, and made possible by a generous gift from Eva Colin Usdan and John Usdan to the Inventions and Variations Fund for the Arts, with additional major support generously provided by The Sidney E. Frank Foundation, Inflection was conceived, says Arie-Gaifman, “to allow the kind of creative risks that leave us awakened.”

  • Geneva Camerata’s Dance of the Sun

Top 10 Reasons to Support 92Y

  • You’re helping us bring world-class arts education to 16,000 teachers and students in 75 NYC public schools.

    You’re helping make families stronger, parents wiser, and children happier with early childhood programs and the Parenting Center—the first of its kind in the nation.

    You’re supporting the cutting edge of new directions in dance, and training teachers and educators so that every public-school child has access to dance education.

    You’re providing 700 seniors each year with community and a renewed sense of purpose through more than 60 weekly classes in the Himan Brown Senior Program.

    You’re nurturing tomorrow’s makers and creators through Artist in Residency programs, and fueling innovation in dance, jewelry, ceramics, literature and the visual arts.

  • You’re fostering a dynamic literary community and enabling us to present fiction, poetry and nonfiction from a diverse roster of writers from all over the world.

    You’re advancing the ideals of civic conversation and community education, allowing us to produce hundreds of talks and thousands of classes in every subject imaginable each year.

    You’re creating a home and a vibrant future for Jewish life for the next generation.

    You’re fueling social good by creating programs that bring people together—in person and online—to connect over the things they care about.

    You’re ensuring the future of this one-of-a-kind place which, after more than 145 years, remains one of the most forward-looking, inclusive and all-encompassing cultural and community centers in NYC and around the world.

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