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Post 18 seconds of the world around you. #Soundies

Stop and hear the roses

Think about the calm you feel listening to rain fall outside your windows … the delight of waking to the chirping of birds … the joy a child’s laughter brings. Life sings to us, if we open our ears.

The soundie is a new way to be more attuned to the world around us—a reminder to slow down for a moment and appreciate the small things that add meaning to our lives. A soundie is a simple 18-second video that works like an audio snapshot. Taken with your smartphone, a soundie captures a sound that has meaning in your day, leaving you more engaged in the world around you.

How to Participate

  1. Consider the sounds around you. Choose one to share and record it for 18 seconds using your smartphone. Why 18 seconds?
  2. Share your soundie—post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using #Soundies.
  3. View our curated gallery of posts from people around the world. Your soundie may be among those we highlight!


This project was launched in 2018 by the 92nd Street Y, a Jewish community and cultural center in New York, and conceptualized by Sam Blustein.