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NYU Family Support Program and 92 Street Y Collaboration

Using dance therapy principles and expressive movement to engage, inspire, and uplift individuals with memory loss and their family caregivers. Movement experiences are provided on chairs as well as through ambulatory explorations. Each class is developed through improvisation and tailored to the needs of the participants, and a wide variety of music is used to provide rhythmic support and enjoyment. Verbalization is encouraged.

For individuals with memory loss and family caregivers

Tuesday, 2-3 pm (first class is February 4), with Juliette Collins and Dr. Miriam Berger, north building, Harkness Dance Center, 2nd floor, Buttenwieser Lounge
Thursday, 1:30-2:30 pm (first class is February 6), with Cecilia Fontanesi, south building, Room S251

Movement activities sensitive to the needs and abilities of those present and to elicit self-expression, memories, liveliness, and increased socialization. Focusing on strengths, the therapist creates interactions and a safe space that builds self-esteem for the joint enhancement of all participants. The use of the breath, rhythm, music, and dance will develop ease in everyday activities, and also will improve physical stability and balance.



Miriam Berger

Miriam Berger

An early pioneer of dance therapy while she performed with the Jean Erdman Theatre of Dance, Dr. Berger teaches dance therapy at New York University, …

Cecilia Fontanesi

Cecilia Fontanesi

Cecilia Fontanesi is a dancer, certified movement analyst (CMA), dance/movement therapist (R-DMT), and neuroscientist …

Juliette Collins

Juliette Collins (MA, LMT), is a movement artist, dance educator, and somatic movement therapist …