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Alternate Route Dance/Movement Therapy Training (Summer Program 2017-2019)

The next training program will take place over three summers, for three weeks each June, starting in 2017 and ending in 2019. The second summer session for this current cohort is scheduled for June 20-28, 2019.

This intensive program offers the Dance/Movement Therapy course requirements of 270 hours for alternate route training, plus 90 hours of Movement Observation and Analysis and 45 hours of Group Process in DMT, as required by the American Dance Therapy Association. All courses are approved by the ADTA as meeting the requirements for the R-DMT credential. Visit for more information on course requirements for Registry and Certification as a dance/movement therapist. Applicants to the program need to have at least begun a Masters Degree in a related field, or in one of the helping professions.

For further information or an application to the program, contact Tina Erfer, Program Coordinator, The next cohort is scheduled to start June, 2020.