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A week-long festival in July 2017, 92Y's #ANewColossus paid tribute to Lazarus’s iconic poem. Nineteen of our nation’s best emerging poets explored both the stories Lazarus’s poem invites, and those to which it may have blinded us, in new poems collected here and in a limited-...
7/24/2017 4:55:18 PM
An exploration of key transposition, seventh chords, modal and pentatonic scales, song form, and much more!
7/3/2012 12:13:25 PM
Topics include techniques of melodic development; harmonic rhythm; modulations; ninth, 11th and 13th chords; melodic and harmonic analysis.
6/22/2016 3:19:08 PM
In this workshop, students will experiment with different materials and techniques to create innovative 3D shadowboxes.
11/4/2014 5:04:07 PM
An active 92Y-based camp experience for boys and girls focused on developing skills in sports such as Parkour and Ninja Warrior, basketball, Martial Arts, flag football, daily swim, hiking in Central Park, scavenger hunts, and more … with weekly arts and music enrichment activ...
2/1/2018 3:19:31 PM
The best of 92Y for your creative young explorer!
4/9/2015 4:13:45 PM
We’ll take a deep dive into the 1950’s, with many emerging artists of this moment: Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, and many more.
5/27/2011 4:01:35 PM
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