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92y Residence: Student & Intern Housing

92YResidence is committed to providing a safe environment for the entire community and to that end we would like you to know what fire safety devices are located in our residences. This advisement complies with the Kerry Rose Fire Sprinkler Notification Act (A.5715-a/s. 4180-B). These are the fire safety systems you will find at 92YResidence; fire sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm pull boxes, emergency lights, public address system and emergency exits. The fire extinguishers are checked to ensure that they are in working condition in accordance to the law. There will be at least one fire drill per semester. Residents are provided with the Fire Safety Evacuation Plan for their location behind their room doors and on It is important that you know the location of these fire safety devices and immediately report any device that is in need of repair or has been tampered with. Remember fire safety is everyone’s business and together we can lessen the threat of fire.

92YResidence requires occupants to evacuate only as directed by the building’s specific Fire Safety Plan, in the event of fire alarm activation:

  • An alarm will sound on the fire floor, the floor above the fire and the floor below the fire floor. The occupants of these areas should immediately use the exit stairs to descend to a floor level that is at least several floors below the fire floor and await further instructions over the loud speaker.
  • All other floors/areas will receive an alert signal and these occupants should stand-by for further instructions. Persons in these locations are not required to evacuate the area until told to do so by the Fire Safety Director, if required.

Residents should follow the building’s Fire Safety Director’s directions and procedures at all times.

If you have any questions regarding 92YResidence’s Fire Safety Plan, please contact the Facilities Department at 212.415.5512 / email.

Download the Fire Safety Evacuation Instructions

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