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The Kaufmann Concert Hall is equipped with a complete stage lighting system including standard hanging positions, instruments, cable and dimmer control.

The system is available for scheduled performances in the Hall. The producer of the event will be charged by the hour for the personnel necessary to set up, focus and operate the equipment and to strike and restore any unusual setup. Rental of equipment not in the current inventory and purchases of color media, templates, etc., will be the producer's responsibility.

A house plot is available showing all hanging positions to scale and a typical arrangement of instruments. We do not guarantee that this suggested plot will always be available, nor do we discourage companies from specifying their own plot. However for maximum efficiency, companies should carefully review the enclosed information and submit a detailed plot, hookup and color list to the Kaufmann Concert Hall Backstage Office at least two weeks in advance of the performance date. Please include a contact sheet i.e.: lighting designer, production designer, etc., so they can answer any questions we have about the setup.

Control System:

The Kaufmann Concert Hall lighting control system is comprised of 288 ETC Sensor Rack 2.4k dimmers, two ETC ION board Stage Right & ETC GIO Stage Left. There are 220 permanently wired house circuits with 3 pin, 20 amp stage pin connector. Some areas that are lacking circuits have been multiplexed.


A remote video display is available for set up on a designer's table located in the center of the house. Kaufmann Concert Hall has fully qualified union operators for this system. Company technicians may run the board for performance if they choose, but a staff electrician must be in attendance at all times.

Lighting Instruments:

On Stage Electrics

(48) Source Four 36
(30) Source Four Par
(12) Altman LED CYC Lights (6 used for ground row)
(12) Wybron Color Changers
(12) MAC Aura

Truss Electrics

(4) Source Four 56
(8) Source Four 26 w/ Iris
(2) Source Four 36
(8)  Source Four PAR
(2) Wybron Color Changers

Box Booms

(14) Source Four 26

Balcony Rail

(16) Source Four 19
(2) Source Four 10
(4) Wybron Color Changers

Balcony Booms

(12) Source Four 10

House and Work Lights

House lights are operated from 18 dimmers from the stage system and is controlled manually from either backstage right or left. Work light is provided by 4-500w quartz lamps with toggle switches located both backstage right and left. When the acoustic shell is in, work light is provided by 36 150w par 38 fixtures located in the shell ceiling panels and is operated from 12 of the 288 dimmers via the light board.


The Kaufmann Concert Hall has two Strong Canto 1200 follow spots located in the projection booth at the back of the balcony. Each is equipped with 6 color boomerangs and headset communication is provided. Experienced operators are available for these units.

Notes for Designers

To achieve an efficient and successful setup in our hall, the following suggestions are offered:

  • The instrumentation shown on the house plot represents our recommendations for the best use of our equipment for a standard production. In general, plots which follow this basic outline will require a minimum of setup time.
  • We have utilized almost all circuits for the house plot so time is needed when adding instruments in other locations.
  • If you would like to utilize our stock of color media, please specify Roscolux color, this is what we maintain in our inventory. We will prepare as much as possible from our stock of cut color; the balance will be purchased, charged to the producer, and will remain in our stock at the end of the run. If you provide all color you may, of course, take it with you when you leave. If you prepare a cut list for us, please note cut size and categorize them separately on the list.

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For more information, email or call us at 212.413.8889.