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The Kaufmann Concert Hall is equipped with a complete Dolby Cinema-D projection system:

(1) Christie CP4220 D-Cinema Projector (22k lumens)
(1) Dolby DSS200 Cinema Server
(1) Dolby CP650 Digital Cinema Sound Processor
(1) DVDO Switcher for alternative content
(1) Dolby DMA 8 Plus
(1) 5.1 Surround System
(3) JBL 4670D (L,C,R)
(2) JBL 4645C (Subs)
(12) L-acoustics X8 (Surround)
(3) QSC 1622 Bi-Amped L/C/R with QSC Crossover
(4) QSC 2422 (Amps)
(1) 16’ x 9’ Mid Stage Screen (Cannot be used with DCP)
(1) 28’x 20’ Down Stage Micro Perforated Screen

This system is available for scheduled performances in the Hall at an additional cost. The producer of the event will be charged by the hour for the personnel necessary to set up and operate the equipment and to strike and restore any unusual setup. Rental of the equipment not in the current inventory, interfacing with additional video equipment and purchases of playback media is the producer’s responsibility.

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