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Operation of Recording and House Sound Systems

Kaufmann Concert Hall is equipped with a complete recording and sound reinforcement system and maintains a staff of professional union technicians. KCH technicians must be in attendance for all rehearsals and performances. Additional personnel may be required for larger, more complex programs. The producer of the event will be billed on an hourly basis for all audio personnel. Precise scheduling must be arranged with the Kaufmann Concert Hall Backstage Office well in advance of the event and an estimate of charges can then be prepared.

Front of House Mix Location (Balcony)

Yamaha DM-2000 digital mixing console
2 channel Clear Com
(1) Dugan MY Card automated mixer
(1) Sony MDS-E12, Mini Disk
(1) DigiDesign, Digi 003
(1) Glyph 103 hard drive system
(1) 27” iMac

House System

(4) Meyer CQ-1 house main system
(2) Meyer PSW2 house sub bass system
(3) Meyer UPM1P orchestra front fill
(5) Meyer UPM1P under balcony fill
(2) Lake LM44 loudspeaker management system

Stage Monitors

(6) Meyer UM1P  stage monitors
(2) Meyer UPJunior
(4) Hot Spots w/ Volume Control
(2) QSE MX 1000a Power Amps


(2) B & K 4006
(2) Neuman KM 84
(6) Sennheiser MKH-40
(4) AKG 414B ULS, 2 matched pairs
(6) Shoeps CMC-U, CK 3S, BLM, MK6g
(6) Shure SM58
(6) Shure SM57
(6) AKG 451 w/ CK1 and VR1
(5) Shure UR4D Wireless Microphone system
(10) Shure UR1 Bodypack,
(10) DPA 4088 headset mics 
(10) Shure omni-directional lavs
(10) DPA 4080BM
(10) Shure UR4 Handheld w/BETA87c,
(8) AKG SE 300B / (8) CK-91, (6) CK92, (2) CK94, (2) CK98, (10) CK97-CVR
(1) Sennheiser E Series Drum Kit Mic Set
(5) Sennheiser MD 421

Recording Control Room

(1) Yamaha DM-2000, digital mixing console
(2) Sony PCM-5000, DAT recorders
(1) Sony MDS-E12, mini disk recorder
(6) John Hardy M-1 microphone pre-amp
(48) Tracks ProTools HD
(2) Genelec 8040A Monitors
(1) Apple Mac Pro Intel Quad Core 2.66 GHz
(3) Digidesign 192 I/O
(1) Glyph 103 hard drive system
(1) Teac PD-165, CD player
(1) 2 channel Clear Com

Headset Intercom System

We have a two (4) channel CLEARCOM system (3 channels currently used). We have eight (6) – single channel beltpacks, two (5) – double channel beltpacks, used for lighting and five (5) 2 channel wireless headsets. Stations are generally set up in these locations for larger productions.

Recording Booth (2 channel)
Back of House Mix (2 channel)
Projection Booth (3/ 2 channel)
2 Followspots
Stage Right (2 singles)
Stage Manager
Stage Left
Light board operator (2 channel)
Fly (single)
Center of House (LD Rehearsal) (2 channel)
Back of House in Orchestra (handset)

Cueing and Paging System

All the dressing rooms are provided with individually controlled monitor speakers connected to the cueing/paging system amplifiers. Source material is provided from a microphone over the stage and/or from the board mix of the program. Paging announcements may be made from Stage Managers Desk (SR) or patched to any mic line.

Art Gallery Feed

The Weill Art Gallery is equipped with program audio and video. Source to the system is provided by a microphone over the stage and/or a feed from the mixing console, as well as our video system, when in use.

Assistive Listening System

Kaufmann Concert Hall is equipped with a WILLIAMS FM assistive listening system for wireless reception anywhere in the concert hall. Head sets are available at the coatcheck 1/2 hour before the performance with the deposit of a drivers license or major credit card. Our current inventory includes 40 headsets. Source to the system is provided by a microphone over the stage and/or a feed from the mixing console.

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