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City of Tomorrow
Real Estate, Architecture & Design Summit
January 26 & 27, 2018
A Production by 92Y and Hundred Stories
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“City of Tomorrow” – now in its third year – unites key players and innovators from the worlds of architecture, real estate and interior design for an incomparable two-day symposium with a host of interactive workshops and panel discussions on timely and provocative topics.
Friday, January 26, 2018, 5–8 pm
Kaufmann Concert Hall
  • 5 pm

    Mega Projects, SuperTalls and New Cities within the City

    Jay Cross, President, Related Hudson Yards
    Ziel Feldman, Chairman and Founder, HFZ
    Susi Yu, Managing Director/Head of Development, L&LMAG
    Tommy Craig, Senior Managing Director, Hines
    Moderated by Oshrat Carmiel, Real Estate Reporter, Bloomberg News

    This exploration of New York’s most ambitious developments is not-to-be-missed. Devotees of soaring glass towers will get a glimpse into the highly anticipated One Vanderbilt (the 1,400-plus foot office tower that will soon shine over Midtown East), 53W53 and The Eleventh. Those interested in transformational mega projects will get to go behind-the-scenes of Hudson Yards (the most expensive real estate development in American history), Pacific Park (22-acre project in downtown Brooklyn that boasts the tallest modular tower in the world) and Cornell Tech (the gleaming new two-million-square-foot tech and engineering campus on Roosevelt Island).

  • 6:30 pm

    Building Culture: Architects on the Social and Cultural Impact of Their Work

    Robert A. M. Stern, Founder and Senior Partner, RAMSA
    Daniel Libeskind, Founder and Principal Architect, Studio Libeskind
    Billie Tsien, Partner, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects
    Moderated by Carl Swanson, Editor at Large, New York Magazine

    We are experiencing a unique cultural moment wherein a critical examination of our museums, monuments and arts institutions is no longer optional, but compulsory. The discussion will explore the responsibility of the architect today and the task of interpreting our legacy for future generations.

    Some of the world’s most renowned architects – Daniel Libeskind (National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa), Robert A. M. Stern (Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia; the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas), and Billie Tsien (Obama Presidential Library in Chicago) – detail their process and purpose in designing these and other historic projects.

Saturday, January 27, 2018, 10 am–5:30 pm

Curate your day by visiting a selection of panels occurring in four different rooms throughout the day. Lunch will be at 12 pm.

The New York Series

  • Weill Art Gallery

    Explore timely New York-centric topics such as iconic gateways to the city and monumental changes being planned; new underground neighborhoods (literally and figuratively); legendary buildings and hotspots that are being reimagined and reborn.

  • 10 am

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Reimagining Penn Station, Grand Central, JFK, LaGuardia and the City’s Streets

    Roger Duffy, Senior Consulting Design Partner, SOM
    Temoor Ahmad, Associate Principal, Grimshaw
    Anne Fletcher, Principal, HOK
    Story Bellows, Partner CityFi
    Moderated by Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, New Cities Foundation

    Around the world, mega-airports like Dubai's World Central are setting the new bar, while in New York, even modest enhancements to our airports have long proven elusive. That all is poised to change with the transformations afoot at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports. Exactly what will these revamps bring? Will New York get our "Aerotropolis?"

    New York’s train stations and subways are likewise undergoing much-needed large-scale overhauls. At Grand Central Station, renovations will make room for 2,200 more riders every hour; Penn-Moynihan station expansion will bring will transform the James A. Farley post office into an enormous 250,000-square-foot train hall with 50% more room for commuters.

    But even with these major improvements to how New York City will be moving its denizens around over the next decades, be it above ground or below, without pedestrian-focused streets and new design standards to lessen congestion, our City cannot reach its highest levels of inclusivity, creativity and safety. New York is making historic changes here too, giving the streets back to New Yorkers in empowering ways.

    Don’t miss a rare opportunity to hear from these architectural masterminds and urban visionaries.

  • 11 am

    Making Places: Favorite Neighborhoods, Hot Spots and New Destinations

    Stuart Wood, Group Leader, Heatherwick Studio
    James Ramsey, Co-Founder, Lowline
    Jonathan Butler, Founder, Smorgasburg
    Steve Cornwell, CMO, Howard Hughes Corporation
    Moderated by Cassim Shepard, Author, Citymakers: The Culture and Craft of Practical Urbanism and Founding Editor-In-Chief, Urban Omnibus

    Place-making is part science, part art. From the Vessel, a new kind of public landmark at Hudson Yards that, with 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings, is meant to be climbed and explored; to the Lowline, an underground urban park of 50,000 square feet beneath Delancey Street, and many points of interest in between, an illustrious panel of architects, developers and visionaries talk about creating new neighborhoods and offer their predictions for the next “it” destinations.

    Attendees will be among the first to hear from The Howard Hughes Corporation, which since 2010 has been revitalizing Seaport District NYC and whose Pier 17 is on track for a 2018 opening with restaurants by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and the Momofuku Group, as well as a 1.5-acre rooftop that will have a restaurant, outdoor bars and a one-of-a-kind performance venue with unparalleled views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the city skyline.

  • 2 pm

    Gilded Age of New York Real Estate: Exploring New Iterations of the Classics

    Ken Horn, Founder and President, Alchemy Properties
    John Cetra, Founding Principal, CetraRuddy
    Adam Koogler, Design Director, Enterprise at WeWork
    Howard Zimmerman, Principal, Howard L. Zimmerman Architects PC
    Moderated by Donald Albrecht, Co-Curator, Museum of the City of New York

    All over the city, from neighborhoods such as the Financial District to West Harlem, developers are converting iconic municipal and office monoliths into luxury housing and innovative commercial concepts.

    But how can these building both speak to the future while still honoring and preserving their historic legacies? We look into how some of New York’s legendary addresses — such as the Woolworth Building, 40 Broad Street, 108 Leonard and 30 Morningside Heights — are being rejuvenated and readapted. Hear from the developers and architects who are re-envisioning provocative new uses for old structures, and breathing new life into the city’s architectural icons.

  • 3 pm

    Ethics of Architecture: The Social and Political Implications of the Built Environment

    Alan Ricks, Co-founder and COO, MASS Design Group
    Don Weinreich, Managing Partner, Ennead Architects
    Jane Greenwood, Principal, Kostow Greenwood Architects
    Moderated by Susan Szenasy, Director of Design Innovation, Metropolis Magazine

    Can there be an architectural product infused with ethics? Do architects, by nature, have a responsibility to help right the inequalities of the world?

    This group of architects answer “Yes,” as they examine their imperative roles in the conception of public spaces and memorials, as well as equality and diverse representation in the workplace. Their firms are behind some of the most ambitious projects in the nation such as the Cholera Treatment Center in Port au Prince, Haiti, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR)’s “Rethinking Refugee Communities” program providing humanitarian assistance to the 35.8 million refugees around the world.

The Real Estate Room

  • Room S104

    A myriad of topics designed to help you navigate your life at home and out and about including developments and projects happening on the Upper East Side, tips for successful home staging, guidance on managing the maintenance of your home and more.

  • 10 am

    All Around the Town: Get the Inside Scoop from Top Brokers on Some of the City’s Most-Coveted Neighborhoods

    Raphael De Niro, Douglas Elliman
    Julia Spillman, Chief Executive of Sales & Operations Of Eklund|Gomes
    Lorenzo Avati, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
    Stephen Kliegerman, President, Terra Development Marketing
    Moderated by Jonathan Miller, President and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc.

    Join broker-experts and New Development gurus as they share their insights on hot neighborhoods such as Tribeca, the West Village and the Lower East Side. Learn where you can get unexpected value right now, what the next hot neighborhoods are to invest in, and which ones are making a comeback. Leave with an insider’s take on the newest “ground ups,” conversions, retail and restaurant concepts that are going to shake up the grid.

  • 11 am

    What’s Happening in 92Y’s Backyard

    Beth Fisher, Senior Managing Director, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
    Matthew Bauer, President, Madison Avenue Business Improvement District
    Gina Malin, Executive Director, Parents League of New York
    Joanna Cawley, Executive Director, Carnegie Hill Neighbors
    Moderated by Jonathan Miller, President and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc.

    With a slew of fresh retail concepts like Peloton opening over on Madison, multiple noteworthy condominiums coming on line over the next 18 months, and primary or ongoing schools opening and expanding, there is no better time to be talking about the Upper East Side. Join our panel of experts and brokers as we take a tour around the neighborhood.

  • 12 pm

    Not Your Parents’ Brooklyn

    Jay Solomon, Creative Director, Sugar Hill Capital Partners
    Alexander Maroni, Douglas Elliman
    Tatiana Nikichina, Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices
    David Ehrenberg, President & CEO, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation
    Moderated by Amy Plitt, Editor, Curbed NY

    Join industry experts debate how New Yorker’s will be working, living and playing in the City’s most populated borough. Find out which neighborhoods are on the cusp of transforming into sought-after hubs for culture, food, commerce and real estate.

  • 2 pm

    The Mysteries of New York Real Estate Revealed

    Ellie Johnson, President, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
    Esther Muller, President and CEO, Academy for Coaching and Training
    Carole Bloom, President and Founder, Bloomstone Group
    Stephen Lascher, Sales Manager, President's Club, Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking
    Moderated by Konrad Putzier, Reporter, The Real Deal

    This discussion will revolve around demystifying some of Manhattan real estate’s best-kept secrets, from board packages, closings and leases to what your rent increases really mean (and how you can challenge them); you’ll hear about creative ways to finance your new home that you didn’t know existed, get a sneak peek behind the curtain of co-op boards, learn what the other side’s lawyer probably isn’t telling you, and more.

  • 3 pm

    Managing Your Home, Keeping Your Sanity

    Sabrina Fierman, Vice President, New York’s Little Elves
    Gary Mindlin, Co-Founder, Top Hat Home Services
    Forrest Barnett, Vice President, Hire Society
    Moderated by Steven Mandel, Publisher, ASPIRE HOME AND DESIGN

    Now that you have the beautiful home of your dreams, don’t you want to keep it beautiful and running smoothly? Maintaining and managing a distinctive residence properly can seem nothing short of daunting. But these three professionals will leave you with invaluable tips on everything from how to polish silver “the right way” to what considerations need to go into hiring staff for a dinner party. Best of all: You don’t need to remove your shoes while learning about this lost art form.

Finance & Tech

  • Room S101

    Get the inside scoop on the latest trends in home technology, including appliances bestowed with artificial intelligence. Tap the experts for cutting-edge financial advice on investing or divesting.

  • 10 am

    Creative Ways to Finance

    Senior advisors from the leading financial firms lend their experience on how higher interest rates will impact housing demand, financing solutions for your next home purchase or renovation, and alternative sources of financing for real estate that you didn’t know were possible.

  • 11 am

    Protecting Your Investment, How to Care for Your Art

    Sara C. Smith, Director of Collections at The Leiden Collection
    Christopher Wise, Vice President, DeWitt Stern
    Christine Minas, Founder, Christine Minas Fine Art
    Moderated by Hannah Martin, Senior Design Writer, Architectural Digest

    For many of us, collecting art is as much an emotional investment as it is a financial one. Whether you collect contemporary or Old Masters, protecting your art must be one of the most important concerns. Learn from a panel of experts who specialize in maintaining some of the most valuable and storied works about how to take care of your art.

  • 1 pm

    Meet the Jetsons

    Taher Baderkhan, Chief Technology Officer, You Visit
    Bill Strang, President, Operations, TOTO USA
    Tamica Fields, Senior Product Specialist, Sony Life Space UX
    Moderated by Laurie Jennings, Deputy Editor, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Director Good Housekeeping Institute

    Remember how far-out the cartoon family’s home once seemed? Well, the future has arrived. Meet the smartest toilets in the world, virtual reality that transforms your home into anything you can imagine and electronics that think before you do. Bring your GI*as we look at AI for the home and hear about new technology that will revolutionize our daily lives. (*genuine intelligence)

  • 2 pm

    Innovative Problem Solvers

    Jianshi Wu and Yitan Sun, Architectural Designers, Central Park Sidescraper
    Mary Mattingly, Founder, the Swale
    Masayuki Sono and Ostap Rudakevych, Founding Partners, Clouds Architecture Office
    Moderated by William Menking, Editor in Chief, The Architect’s Newspaper

    From design proposals to transform Central Park into a sunken landscape that allows for “sidescrapers,” to a food garden atop a Hudson River barge and a vending-machine skyscraper that dispenses 3D-printed homes, this panel will make you rethink … everything! Hear from these cutting-edge architects and innovators who are posing critical questions, questioning the status quo, and finding brilliant solutions for the urban conundrum.

The Design Room

  • Room S102/103

    Explore all things pertaining to interiors with a host of design topics, including innovations in Feng Shui and crystal therapy, following the path of refined materials from inception to finished product, the latest in kitchen and bath design, insider tips on how to commission and collaborate with an artisan, defining American style with top interior designers and a show-and-tell by renowned textile designers on how to enliven your interiors with pattern, prints and textures.

  • 10 am

    Your Home Is Your Temple: Applying Healing and Wellness Modalities To Design

    Rashia Bell, Interior Designer and Crystal Healer, the Cristalline
    Ellie Burrows, CEO, MNDFL Meditation
    Deborah Hanekamp, Founder, Mama Medicine
    Laura Cerrano, Co-Founder and CEO, Feng Shui Manhattan
    Moderated by Cristina Cuomo, Editor in Chief, The Purist

    Mindfulness, energetic healing and crystal therapy are no longer just practices; now they can become part of our everyday home environments. You won’t want to miss out on hearing from Rashia Bell, designer behind the famed wellness studio “The Class by Taryn Toomey” (think healing clear quartz light fixtures, color wheel gems to manifest positive thinking, and cleansing floors of tourmaline and hematite) or Shaman and reiki master Deborah Hanekamp, who – along with their incredible co-panelists, MNDFL’s Ellie Burrows and Feng Shui expert Laura Cerrano – will show you how to bring home the healing and transcendental arts.

  • 11 am

    Working with an Artisan

    Benoist Drût, Gallery Principal, Maison Gerard
    Melanie Courbet, Founder, Les Ateliers Courbet
    Glenn Gissler, President, Glenn Gissler Design, Inc.
    Moderated by Michael Boodro, Editorial Director, Dering Hall

    Nothing adds to your home’s personality like bespoke or custom-made design. Imagine a commissioned custom staircase, chandelier or even piece of kitchen hardware. We speak with the City’s leading designers and gallery owners, who detail this intricate process and offer insider tips on how to work with an artisan.

  • 12 pm

    Women in Design

    Malene Barnett, Founder, Malene B Atelier
    Lora Appleton, CD/Founder kinder MODERN and Founder, Female Design Council
    Elena Frampton, Frampton & Co.
    Moderated by Mieke ten Have, Design and Interiors Editor

    Join some of the industry’s top female entrepreneurs as they share their remarkable journeys in developing their design practice; hear about their award winning interiors, what inspires their fine art and design process and how they shape some of the city’s top textiles and design products.

  • 1 pm

    The Best in Kitchen and Bath Design

    Christopher Peacock, Founder, Christopher Peacock Cabinetry
    Julia Buckingham, Founder, Buckingham Interiors
    Steve Fanuka, Founder, Fanuka, INC
    Gregory Rohl, VP Marketing, Rohl Luxury Faucets and Fixtures
    Moderated by Carisha Swanson, Senior Market Editor, Hearst Design Group

    Whether you dream in Carrara, copper or granite, you’ll leave this talk about kitchens and baths swooning. Hear about the latest in luxury cabinetry and construction from DIY Network’s Million Dollar Contractor, Stephen Fanuka, who works in the high-end world of opulent spaces and Christopher Peacock, designer of some of the most luxurious kitchens in the world for his eponymous firm. Renowned interior designer Julia Buckingham imparts her expert knowledge in creating award-winning kitchens and baths, while Gregory Rohl, who leads his family company, Rohl, talks premium fixtures and faucets found in the chicest homes.

  • 2 pm

    What Is American Style? Tastemakers Debate Design

    Thomas A. Kligerman, Ike Kligerman Barkley
    Robert Stilin, Robert Stilin
    Caleb Anderson, Drake/Anderson
    Joan Craig, Partner, Lichten Craig Architecture and Interiors
    Moderated by Kendra Frisbie, CEO DECASO

    What is American design? Is it rustic barn house chic? Palm Springs modern? Jet set New York glamour or Midwestern colloquial charm? Since our nation’s style is as regionally diverse as its food and its accents, we call upon top design minds from around the country to learn how they define local style.

  • 3 pm

    The Power of Pattern and Prints

    Jason Nixon, Co-Founder, Madcap Cottage
    Dana Gibson, Founder, Dana Gibson
    John Robshaw, Founder, John Robshaw
    Moderated by Tori Mellott, Senior Editor, Traditional Home Magazine

    Pleasing patterns, tantalizing textures and sumptuous colors create vibrant and enjoyable interiors with impact. This panel of textile designers lends expertise for combining patterns to create a room of your own.

Interior Design Keynote: Magic Makers – Top Interior Designers Talk Techniques for Transforming Spaces

  • Kaufmann Concert Hall

    4:30 pm

    Anthony Baratta, Founder, Anthony Baratta
    Ken Fulk, Owner, Ken Fulk Inc.
    Alexa Hampton, Owner and President, Mark Hampton
    Ghislaine Viñas, Founder, Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design
    Moderated by Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief, House Beautiful Magazine

    Each of our illustrious interior designers has the magic touch when it comes to creating dramatic yet livable interiors. Their vernacular and executions may differ, but each is setting new standards in hospitality, home décor, multi-family living and the intersections therein. You won’t want to miss this fabulous journey through show-stopping design.

Keep checking this page for updates on schedule and speakers!

Temoor Ahmad
Associate Principal, Grimshaw
Donald Albrecht
Co-Curator, Museum of the City of New York
Caleb Anderson
Co-Principal, Drake Anderson
Lora Appleton
CD/Founder kinder MODERN and Founder, Female Design Council
Lorenzo Avati
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Taher Baderkhan
Chief Technology Officer, You Visit
Anthony Baratta
Founder, Anthony Baratta
Forrest Barnett
Vice President, Hire Society
Malene Barnett
Founder, Malene B Atelier
Matthew Bauer
President of Madison Avenue Business Improvement District
Rashia Bell
Interior Designer and Crystal Healer, the Cristalline
Story Bellows
Partner, CityFi
Carole Bloom
President, Founder The Bloomstone Group LLC
Michael Boodro
Editorial Director, Dering Hall
Julia Buckingham
Founder, Buckingham Interiors and Design
Ellie Burrows
CEO, MNDFL Meditation
Jonathan Butler
Founder, Smorgasburg
Oshrat Carmiel
Real Estate Reporter, Bloomberg News
Joanna Cawley
Executive Director, Carnegie Hill Neighbors
Laura Cerrano
Co-Founder and CEO, Feng Shui Manhattan
John Cetra
Founding Principal, CetraRuddy
Steve Cornwell
CMO, The Howard Hughes Corporation
Melanie Courbet
Founder, Les Atelier Courbet
Joan Craig
Partner, Lichten Craig Architecture and Interiors
Tommy Craig
Senior Managing Director, Hines
Jay Cross
President, Related Hudson Yards
Cristina Cuomo
Editor in Chief, The Purist
Sophie Donelson
Editor in Chief, House Beautiful
Benoist Drut
Gallery Principal, Maison Gerard
Roger Duffy
Senior Consulting Design Partner, SOM
Steve Fanuka
Contractor, Fanuka Inc.
Ziel Feldman
Chairman and Founder of HFZ Capital Group
Tamica Fields
Senior Product Specialist, Sony Life Space UX
Sabrina Fierman
Vice President, New York’s Little Elves
Beth Fisher
Senior Managing Director, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
Anne Fletcher
Principal, HOK
Elena Frampton
Founder, Creative Director Frampton Co.
Kendra Frisbie
Ken Fulk
Owner, Ken Fulk Inc.
Dana Gibson
Designer of Home Accessories, Dana Gibson
Glenn Gissler
President, Glenn Gissler Design, Inc.
Jane Greenwood
Principal, Kostow Greenwood Architects
Alexa Hampton
Owner and President, Interiors Mark Hampton
Deborah Hanekamp
Founder, Mama Medicine
Ken Horn
Founder and President, Alchemy Properties
Laurie Jennings
Deputy Editor, Good Housekeeping Magazine
Ellie Johnson
President, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Stephen Kliegerman
President, Terra Development Marketing
Thomas A. Kligerman
Ike Kligerman Barkley
Adam Koogler
Design Director - Enterprise, WeWork
The Robot
Stephen Lascher
Sales Manager, President's Club, Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking
Daniel Libeskind
Principal, Studio Libeskind
Greg Lindsay
Senior Fellow, New Cities Foundation
Gina Malin
Executive Director, Parents League of New York
Steven Mandel
Robert Marino
Marketing Manager, Industry City
Alex Maroni
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, The Maroni Team, Douglas Elliman
Hannah Martin
Senior Design Writer
Mary Mattingly
Founder, the Swale
Tori Mellot
Senior Design & Market Editor, Traditional Home Magazine
William Menking
Editor In Chief, The Architect's Newspaper
Jonathan Miller
President and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc.
Christine Minas
Christine Minas Fine Art
Gary Mindlin
Co-Founder, Top Hat Home Services
Esther Muller
President and CEO, Academy for Coaching and Training
Tatiana Nikichina
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Jason Oliver Nixon
Co-Founder, Madcap Cottage
Christopher Peacock
Founder, Christopher Peacock Cabinetry
Konrad Putzier
Reporter, The Real Deal
James Ramsey
Co-Founder, Lowline
Alan Ricks
Co-founder and COO of MASS Design Group
John Robshaw
John Robshaw Textiles, Inc.
Greg Rohl
VP Marketing, ROHL
Ostap Rudakevych
Architect, Clouds Architecture Office
Cassim Shepard
Author, Citymakers
Sara Smith
Director of Collections, The Leiden Collection
Jay Solomon
Creative Director, Sugar Hill Capital Partners
Masayuki Sono
Founding Partner, Clouds AO
Julia Spillman
Chief Executive of Sales & Operations Of Eklund|Gomes
Robert Stern
Founder, Senior Partner, RAMSA
Robert Stilin
Founder, Robert Stilin
Bill Strang
President, Operations, TOTO USA
Yitan Sun
Architectural Designer at Guerin Glass Architects
Carisha Swanson
Senior Market Editor, Hearst Design Group
Carl Swanson
Editor at Large, New York Magazine
Susan Szenasy
Director of Design Innovation, Metropolis
Mieke Ten Have
Design and Interiors Editor
Billie Tsien
Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects
Ghislaine Vinas
Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design
Don Weinreich
Managing Partner, Ennead Architects
Christopher Wise
VP, DeWitt Stern
Stuart Wood
Group Leader, Heatherwick Studio
Jianshi Wu
Designer and Visualization Artist, COOKFOX
Susi Yu
Managing Director/Head of Development L&LMAG
Howard Zimmerman
Founder and Principal, Howard L. Zimmerman Architects PC

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