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The next Mayor of New York City will be elected on November 2, 2021, with party primaries scheduled for June 22, 2021. Many candidates are running, only one will win…and the winner will face historic challenges. The election will come on the heels of an unprecedented public health crisis, with a city completely upended, in need of transformative ideas, policy and leadership.

Join 92Y’s CEO Seth Pinsky as he interviews candidates one-on-one, and asks them who they are, why they are running, and how they will lead this city forward. Sign up and submit your own questions to candidates, and tune in to hear their answers.


One-on-one conversations led by 92Y CEO, Seth Pinsky, featuring mayoral candidates’ vision for NYC and their plans for public health, economic recovery, housing, racial justice, education, arts and culture, and more.

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Seth Pinksy

Seth Pinsky

“Talking to NYC mayoral candidates gives us a glimpse into various potential futures for New York City. This city that we love needs a creative problem solver at its helm, now more than ever. As the former head of NYC’s Economic Development Corporation and now as CEO of 92Y, I’ve seen the power that Mayors can wield first-hand, and how they can transform cities in good times and bad. I hope you’ll join me in getting to know these candidates and their plans for recovery.”

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