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"92nd Street Y is a great example of American citizenship at work. It's where people come to hear what's really going on…This is exactly the kind of conversation America needs right now.”

President Bill Clinton

“Going to 92nd Street Y lectures is what New Yorkers do…New York [is] teeming with high-powered, talented people…A lot of these people end up speaking at [92Y].”

– Associated Press

“To [be] at the Poetry Center at the 92nd Street Y, onstage or as an audience member, is always an occasion of great joy and excitement…[ever] since I first arrived in New York and went there to hear Isaac Bashevis Singer speak. You are instantly connected to history and to the clamorous, contentious, vital present moment.”

– Tony Kushner

“92nd Street Y…is New York City's de facto cultural clearinghouse.”

The Boston Globe

"I don't know if you know this, [but 92nd Street Y] is the third holiest site in the Jewish religion...I believe it's the wailing wall, Zabar's and 92nd Street Y, so, obviously, for me this is an honor."

– Jon Stewart, on stage at 92Y

"I was amazed at the number of programs 92nd Street Y has almost every day in everything from money management to writing and current events. If you're looking for something to do, go to their website, It's like an advanced learning annex."

– Joe Connolly, WINS Radio

"92nd Street Y… bastion of all things fun, cultural, creative and athletic…”


“…92nd Street Y has so many classes and services it would take years to list them all.”

– Go City Kids

“You could pretty much raise your child from cradle to college at the 92nd Street Y’s Parenting Center.”

Time Out New York

“[Reading at 92nd Street Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center] was my life’s ambition
when I was 24… 92Y had every poet worth his salt. It meant you’d made it."

– August Wilson

“An invitation to read at 92nd Street Y is better than a tap on the shoulder from the Queen at Buckingham.”

– Frank McCourt

“Fridays at the 92nd Street Y is distinctive for a relaxed ambiance that makes the performances feel particularly vivid and genuine.”

The New Yorker

“…[W]hat an incredible service [92nd Street Y] renders to the community, what great artists and speakers it brings here, and I’m honored to be among them.” 

– Jane Fonda

“ 92nd Street Y has an excellent track record in bringing peoples from different cultural backgrounds together…”

– Consul General of the Philippines of the Philippines

"There are certain institutions that add that extra something special to New York, the icing on the cake; 92Y is one of those.”  

– Senator Charles Schumer