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Unterberg Poetry Center

The Poetry Center is proud to link to and announce the following publications by Writing Program students. If you are a current or former Writing Program student and would like your work shared, please contact the program administrator.

Congratulations to our students!

Julia Ballerini
“A Castle in France,” (April 2017)

Adam Berlin
The Standing Eight, Finishing Line Press (2017)

Maryah Converse
Trusting Sayf,” Newfound (March 2017)

April Darcy
Free Fall,” Shenandoah (May 2018)*
Winner of the Shenandoah River Fiction Prize

Karen Dukess
Day One of Dying,” Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine (Fall 2016)
Fancy Hat,” The Westchester Review (June 2017)

Andrea L. Fry
The Bottle Diggers, Turning Point (2017)

Janlori Goldman
Bread from a Stranger’s Oven, White Pine Press (2017)*
Winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize

Fran Hawthorne
The Heirs, Stephen F. Austin State University Press (2018)

Sylvie Heyman
Make it a HABIT!, Outskirts Press (2017)

Maggie Hill
“Tell That to my Wife and Kids,” (2016)
“Fat Woman on Bleecker Street,” (2017)

Don Hogle
Paper Route, Palm Beach,” South Florida Poetry Journal (May 2017)

Nikhil Iyengar
Killer App,” Mystery Tribune (November 2017)

Cynthia Manick
"When Pretending Is Like Breathing," Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art (May 2018)
"To Whom It May Concern," Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art (May 2018)
"After That Night: Medusa Calls Out Poseidon," Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art (May 2018)
"3 am and the Moon is Curled like a ‘C,’" Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art (May 2018)
"I want to see a black woman love on television like its normal," No, Dear (May 2018)

Melissa Markoff 
Pluck This, Furrowed Brow Productions (2015)

Heather Newman
Bourbon Street, 3 AM,” Aji Magazine (Spring 2017)
“Searching for Light in the Lunar Eclipse.” Voices from Here, Vol. II (2017)

Sylvia W. Smoller
Rachel and Aleks: A Historical Novel of Life, Love, and WWII, iUniverse (2007)

Natalya Sukhonos
“The Beautiful Faraway, or Why I’m Grateful to My Soviet Childhood,” The Millions (January 2018)
“‘Similar to Feverish Delirium’: The Fantastic Worlds of Battle as Tolstoy’s Criticism of War in War and Peace,” Critical Insights: Tolstoy, Gray House Press (2017)
“The Fragrance, the garden,” The Saint Ann’s Review (Spring 2017)
“As above, so below,” The Saint Ann’s Review (Spring 2017)

Dana Trupa
Bioluminescence,” Red Cedar Review (May 2017)
A Deleted Scene From Hitchcock’s The Birds: Bloodletting The White Lady,” Indolent Books (April 2017)
F Street,” Red Cedar Review (May 2017)
In The Blood of Children,” Indolent Books (May 2017)

Helen Tzagaloff
“Married Life, 1912,” Slant (Summer 2017)
“Mushroom Picking,” Blueline (2016)
“Someone in the Room,” Polterguests: A Main Street Rag Anthology (2010)
Fears and Pleasures, Word Tech Press (Forthcoming 2018)

Kate Wheeler
Alison and I, Cleaning the House,” PANK (Spring/Summer 2017)
A Plague,” Green Mountain Review Online (April 2017)