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Unterberg Poetry Center

Lucille Clifton

Lucille Clifton was born in Depew, New York. Her books of poetry are Good Times (1969) which was published the same year she won the Discovery contest …

Below is Lucille Clifton’s poem “Good Times”and a short audio excerpt of this poem from her Discovery reading in 1969.

  • Good Times

    my daddy has paid the rent
    and the insurance man is gone
    and the lights is back on
    and my uncle brud has hit
    for one dollar straight
    and they is good times
    good times
    good times

    my mama has made bread
    and grampaw has come
    and everybody is drunk
    and dancing in the kitchen
    and singing in the kitchen
    of these is good times
    good times
    good times

    oh children think about the
    good times

  • Lucille Clifton reads “Good Times”

    • Listen: Lucille Clifton reads “Good Times”