Issue 7

Welcome to the seventh issue of Podium! In this issue, we've culled students from our 2009 summer and fall writing workshops and we are proud to present the 20 (yes, 20!), amazing writers for our biggest issue to date.

The 92Y Unterberg Poetry Center's Writing Program offers writers, from first-time to seasoned, the opportunity to take workshops with well-known authors that range from fiction, poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, literary seminars and advanced level creative writing workshops. At the end of each semester, students are selected to be published in Podium magazine and showcase their work.

The featured artist in this issue is Tiffini Swanston, a photographer whose great eye captures the smallest details in her subjects and brings them to a larger perspective of appreciation. We're very honored to have her work featured here.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and don't forget to check out the upcoming readings and classes the Poetry Center has to offer!

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Atrophy—Jonathan Parks-Ramage 
Selected by Meg Wolitzer's Fiction Workshop

Ochkarik—Vladimir A. Kleyman 
Selected by Darin Strauss' Advanced Fiction Workshop

The Harmonicaman—Ankur Parikh 
Selected by Sandra Newman's Fiction Workshop

CIRCUMFLEX—Lisa Maguire 
Selected by Chris Sorrentino's Fiction Workshop

Stage Fright—Holly Woodward 
Selected from Rafi Zabor's Advanced Fiction Workshop

Night Call—Arlene Heyman 
Selected from Sigrid Nunez Fiction Workshop

The Encounter—Camila Santos 
Selected from Rafi Zabor's Advanced Fiction Workshop

The Dinner Party—Rachael K. Combe 

Selected by Stephen Wright's Novel Workshop


Devotional—Melissa Ahart 
Selected by Marie Ponsot's Poetry Thesis Workshop

excerpt from 'Aina Waipahu: a history—Helen Dano 
Selected from Cornelius Eady's Summer Poetry Workshop

Without Guardrails—Patricia Behrens 
Selected from Emily Fragos' Poetry Workshop

show you love her—Ana C. H. Silva 
Selected by Sharon Dolin's Poetry Workshop

She Wonders Why Bomb Light Leaves No Trees—Maya-Catherine Popa 
Selected by Brenda Shaughnessy's Poetry Workshop

TORSO—Bo Niles 
Selected by Rachel Hadas' Poetry Workshop

The Reckoner—K. Hazzard 
Selected by David Yezzi's Poetry Workshop

Turn Off the Lights—Suzanna Best 

Selected by Rachel Zucker's Poetry Workshop


Moo. Moo. Moo.—Susan Knox 
Selected by Hettie Jones's Nonfiction Workshop


Excerpt from The Garage—Jennifer Clare Stuckert 
Selected from Han Ong's Playwriting Workshop

Scene from THE WALKER—Carla Hoke Miller 

Selected by Han Ong's Playwriting Workshop


The Housesitter—Carrie Cooperider 
Selected by Patty Marx's Humor Writing Workshop

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