I Will Hold a White Blue Rose

Natalia Kerkela


(after Jan Vermeer's "Young Woman with a Water Jug")

I will keenly watch her
with my pencil as my eyes,

her raised arm,
the golden contours

of morning sunshine,
her tilted head.

The blue tonality
of a lukewarm lake

bathing through her
kitchen window,

standing alone in the
hands of her creator.

The quiet hamlet-like
presence decorating

a monumental frame
of her simple dawn.

I will see her enchanting smile
facing me,

fleeting as it is,
I will hold it in my hand.

Her white opaque veil:
I want to remove it gently,

so as not to wake the crowd behind me.
So I will be alone with the woman

inside the painting.

Natalia Kerkela is a children's gymnastics instructor at the 92nd Street Y. She is from Finland and now lives in Manhattan.

Issue 5

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