Family Reunion

Catherine Woodard



                                 Fried chicken               Battered biscuits                 Collared greens

                                       Arrested potatoes              Pounded cakes                Stewed parent

                                Mooned spies             Belittled Debbies                Fat backed chance

                                      Memento cheese              Bedeviled eggs              Hush pappy

                                        Iced t-drops             Self-arousing flour               Be calmed pie



Catherine Woodard was a reporter and new media editor for 15 years at New York Newsday and other publications. Her manuscript is a story in poems, about a family in a small Southern town trapped in rituals from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Woodard was president of Artists Space for six years. Visit to help her get Poetry in Motion moving in the subways again. She lives and plays basketball in New York City.

Issue 5

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