Issue 5

Welcome to the fifth issue of Podium.

Read works from the Unterberg Poetry Center's Writing Program in fiction, poetry, nonfiction and playwriting.

Featured artist is photographer Eric Robinson.


Indigo—Matthew Riordan
Selected from Joan Silber's Advanced Fiction Workshop

Honesty Spree—Caitlin Campbell
Selected from Christopher Sorrentino's Advance Fiction Workshop

An English Entomologist at the F. D. M.—Simon Collins 
Selected from Sandra Newman's Advanced Fiction Workshop

Haircut, 1979.—Ashley Norton 
Selected from Stephen Wright's The Novel: A Working Group class

Dream Queen / and Play with Daggers—by Holly Woodward 

Selected from Rafi Zabor's Fiction Workshop


Orphaned Orb—Helen Dano 
Selected from Jean Valentine's Advanced Poetry Workshop

Vicious Circle Ghazal—Jane Elias 
Selected from Sharon Dolin's Advanced Poetry Workshop

White Dwarf—Rosalie Brinn 
Selected from Lisa Jarnot's Advanced Poetry Workshop

Family Reunion—Catherine Woodard 
Selected from Marie Ponsot's Poetry Thesis class

I Will Hold a White Blue Rose—Natalia Kerkela 
Selected from Jeanne Marie Beaumont's Poetry class

November's news is that nothing grows.—Maggie Schwed 

Selected from David Yezzi's On Prosody: A Poetry Workshop


Brussels—Dori Katz 
Selected from Hettie Jones' Advanced Nonfiction Workshop:
The Memoir: Your Life in History


Scene from Haley—Sam Biederman
Selected from Han Ong's Playwriting 1: Composition class

The Mildred B Fankhauser Award—Wendy Yondorf 

Selected from Han Ong's Playwriting 1: Composition class

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