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Unterberg Poetry Center

Podium Issue 15
Cover art is by Alicia C. Marquez, a Houston-based freelance artist.

Welcome to the 15th issue of Podium

The Poetry Center congratulates our students, a selection of whom we proudly feature here, on their achievement during the year, and thank our faculty and students for their generosity and dedication to one another’s work.

In addition to student work in poetry, fiction and memoir, Issue 15 features a poem by Bronwen Brenner, winner of the Ernst Pawel Student Writing Award, awarded to a student participant in the Christopher Lightwood Walker Literature Project.

We also thank Emily Fragos, author of Hostage: New & Selected Poems and frequent Poetry Center instructor, for serving as the judge of our annual Rachel Wetzsteon Prize.


I Tumble Dried My Brother – Enda Carty
Anthony Tognazinni’s fiction workshop

Excerpt from Cold War Secrets – Ruth Diamond
Adam Langer’s fiction class

The Vest – Jon Gingerich
Stephen Wright’s novel workshop

A Virtual Reality – Christie Grotheim
Sandra Newman’s fiction workshop

An excerpt from Tides – Eliza Kirby
Belinda McKeon’s fiction workshop

A Man Talks to His Therapist – Judith Lichtendorf
Fiction workshops with Christopher Sorrentino and Rick Moody

Government Issue – Robert Perron
Lore Segal’s fiction workshop

The Watch – Anna Sabat
Cathleen Schine’s fiction workshop

Excerpt from Turtle Mountain – Kristina Tom
Stephen Wright’s novel workshop


Curdled – Bronwen Brenner
Winner of the Ernst Pawel Student Writing Award

Ryan Orion an Instar Whatever We Want – Tim Carrier
Mark Wunderlich’s poetry workshop

Mother Glass – Alissa Heyman
Kathleen Ossip’s poetry thesis workshop
First Runner up for the 2016 Rachel Wetzsteon Prize

At the Shrine of Moinuddin Chishti – Don Hogle
Mark Bibbins’s poetry workshop
Second Runner up for the 2016 Rachel Wetzsteon Prize

I Have a Lover – Nora Kurtz
Sophie Cabot Black’s poetry workshop

This is what I love – Dell Lemon
Kathleen Ossip’s poetry thesis workshop

In Jersey the Wild Turkeys Don’t Want Anyone to Deliver the Mail – Liora Mondlak
Jeanne Marie Beaumont’s poetry workshop
Winner of the 2016 Rachel Wetzsteon Prize

Rascal Squirrel – Andrea Nunes
Sally Van Doren’s poetry workshop

After Chemotherapy – Sahar Romani
Lynn Melnick’s poetry class

Security Measure – Jerl Surratt
David Yezzi’s prosody intensive

Mother, I Beg to Differ – Tracy Tong
Mark Wunderlich’s poetry workshop

Whisperings at the Nat Turner Execution – Calvin Walds
Cornelius Eady’s poetry workshop

Last Day Year’s End – Margaret Yard
Molly Peacock’s X class


The Bee Sting – Amanda Cargill
Jesse Browner’s memoir workshop


Three Galaxies – Anne-E. Wood
Anne Washburn’s playwriting class