Welcome to the 13th issue of Podium, the Unterberg Poetry Center’s online literary journal, featuring stellar work from students in the Writing Program.

Cover art is by Kim Kullmer, a native Iowan who now lives in a city “where the only space is upwards. How these buildings reach to the sun for space,” she writes. “People crowd the streets in clusters, hurried, and seemingly unaware of space and its beauty. In a world filled with judgments and preconceived notions, I have found painting to be a place for me to just be. My paintings have evolved from poetry-inspired meditations on color and scenery to an exploration of human rights, the environment, and the ways our species contributes to its own frailty.”


Bunty and Maxine—Paddy Johnson
From Sandra Newman's Fiction Workshop

The Golden StateLilly Kuwashima
From Peter Cameron's Fiction Workshop


Bugs—Emily McKeage
From Kathleen Ossip's Poetry Workshop

The One Forgetting—Rochelle Goldstein
From Sophie Cabot Black's Workshop

American Ocarina—Rachel J. Bennett
From Lynn Melnick's Poetry Workshop

I Should Be Eating Madelines—Aileen Bassis
From Mark Bibbin's Poetry Workshop

BK, AM—Dania Rajendra 
Winner of the 2014 Rachel Wetzsteon Poetry Prize as selected by Randall Mann
From Molly Peacock's Poetry Workshop

The Year by the Lagoon—Whitney Seiler
From Idra Novey's Poetry Workshop 

Pavoni—Marion Brown 
From Sophie Cabot Black's Workshop

Ghazal for Carolina—Amelia P. Edelman 
From Sharon Dolin's Workshop

Falsetto—Theodore Eisenberg
From Jean Marie Beaumont's Workshop



In Transit—Jennifer Chen 
From Hettie Jones' Workshop

Seeking a Garden of Eden We Look Elsewhere—Emily Øyen 
From Mark Doty's Workshop

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