Podium: Issue 10

“Talk is a form of love. Let us talk.”

There is writing in one’s room—quiet deliberation over time, place, names. Early information: a character’s first utterance. What will she say, and how, once there is that, will she say it? Then a story emerges, and with it, the need to leave one’s room, to hear one’s voice against the sound of others.

What follows is the result of much talking and listening: our 10th issue of Podium—work from the Unterberg Poetry Center's Writing Program—poems and prose selected by our students and instructors, as well as art by Mirna Everett and Andrew Watel.



Passing Through Poland (1942-45)—George Bear
From Rebecca Stowe's Fiction Workshop

Recipe for Success—Holly Woodward 
From Victor LaValle's Fiction Workshop

The Fat Girl—Richard Asher 
From Elisabeth Robinson's Fiction Workshop

Night of Hope—Victoria Matsui 
From Fiona Maazel's Advanced Fiction Workshop

Getting Dead—Judith Lichtendorf 
From Myla Goldberg's Advanced Fiction Workshop

From "You Said Yes or You Said No"—Maureen Traverse
From Nell Freudenberger's Advanced Fiction Workshop

Chapter 6Matthew Riordan
From Stephen Wright’s Novel Writing Course




A New Kind of Science—Abby Adams 
From Jeanne Marie Beaumont's Advanced Poetry Workshop

Meat—Cristina Juan 
From Emily Fragos's Advanced Poetry Workshop

Taxi Driver Villanelle—Davidson Garrett 
From Molly Peacock's Poetry Seminar

Imperfections—Jane McKinley 
From Rosanna Warren's Poetry class

Like the Waves—Marilynn Talal 
From David Yezzi's Poetry Workshop

Speaking in Plums—Phil Timpane 
From C.D. Wright's Poetry class

Seaside Town—Helen Barnard 
From Marie Ponsot's Advanced Poetry Workshop

Hall of Fame of the Beautiful Mundane—Gabriella Theisen
From Glyn Maxwell's Advanced Poetry Workshop



Bedridden—Michael Quinn 
From Joyce Johnson's Advanced Nonfiction Workshop


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