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Unterberg Poetry Center

For our first issue, we are excited to publish works of fiction and poetry by students from the Unterberg Poetry Center's summer workshops taught by writers Meg Wolitzer, Rafi Zabor, Emily Fragos and Rachel Hadas.

Students' pieces were selected by the instructors for publication to showcase the creative work coming out of the Poetry Center's workshops. Every year, the Poetry Center brings in highly-acclaimed and established authors and poets to its podium, and now we would like to introduce and share the work of these emerging authors.


The House that Blocked the Sunset—Kate Berson
From Meg Wolitzer's Advanced Fiction Workshop

This Is Why I Bite My Nails—Eve Rae Rotman 
From Rafi Zabor's Fiction Workshop


To Ruth—David Corcoran 
From Emily Fragos' Advanced Poetry Workshop

Day Work—Margaret Peters Schwed 
From Emily Fragos' Advanced Poetry Workshop

I Ain't Satin's Saint—Christian Kenseth
From Rachel Hadas' Poetry Workshop