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Parenting Center

From the moment you even think about starting a family, 92Y’s Parenting Center is here to support you!

To help you begin your journey, we’ve put together some suggested classes for new moms and dads—whether you’re having your first baby or want to continue to grow your family with 92Y.

Our Parenting Center bundles are also a great gift! Let your family and friends know which classes you’d like to take as you begin your role as a new parent.

Use code BUNDLE for 25% off when you purchase Parenting Center and May Center classes listed on this page.*

Parenting Center Bundles

Suggested class series and packages to help new parents find all of the resources and information they need. Buy all or mix-and-match for a personalized new parent experience!

For First Time Parents

Be part of a vibrant community of excited and informed parents-to-be!

For the Fit Mama

Strengthen your body, increase your energy and bond with your baby.

A confirmation email must be presented (printed or shown via cell phone) at the May Center front desk in order to obtain access to the class.

Call May Center membership at 212.415.5729 for more information on membership and personal training

Just for Dad

Embrace fatherhood and bond with your baby, other new dads and veteran fathers at the Parenting Center.

What Now? Next Steps with the Parenting Center

The first couple of months are full of adventure and advice but parents still need support as babies and toddlers grow. The Parenting Center is here for you!

For Parents Hiring a Caregiver

*Discount does not apply to Parkbench, New Parent Get-together or 2s Together, 3s Together or one-session or drop-in classes in the Parenting Center. Must be a May Center Member to utilize discounted personal training packages or you must pay a daily guest fee. Only May Center classes and services listed on this page are eligible for the 25% discount.

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For more information, email or call us at 212.415.5500.