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Ripped from a Bulletin Board in Khao-I-Dang

our family name — somebody took it! — they thought this family left — they said oh — are you still here? — our brother already in America — waiting — the list come — our names on top — we went to Chunbery our photos taken — our birthdates chalked on blackboards — like a movie — the embassy interview: why you want to go to United States — everyone ask did you see your mom get married? — I wasn’t born yet how I know — we pass the test — learned English in the Philippines — six months na — I really liked it there — we flew to America — crossed the golden — what — the golden gates — Golden Gate Bridge na — for one night slept in hotel — blankets, pillows — the four of us and lok yeay — we flew to Harrisburg the next day — why we didn’t stay in San Francisco — why you ask huh why you want to know — a church — uh huh — a Presbyterian church

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Monica Sok

Monica Sok

Monica Sok was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1990. She is the daughter of Cambodian refugees and the granddaughter of Em Bun, a master weaver and recipient of a National Heritage Fellowship ...