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Season of the Migration

Up against ranges I rage, I can’t scale them, can’t scale them back, scale them down to size
I put a match to grass, whoosh—the bush is back, it comes in several varietals
I won’t come back the way I came, I won’t come back—I came
A kiss is not a kiss but a promise to our kid daughters: no more—
At the entrance of the chest I’m unprepared but plan to bite
Listen—cholera hitched a ride on the backs of soft-shelled turtles
From the heart of our shipwreck we send our deepest condolences, but boat people, go home
Battery 40%—connected to: Benjamin—Benjamin: disconnected—Benjamin: lost—connected to:
They text me, Ur not ESL, you’re English is 2 good
A crisis ensures, a crisis ensues—let’s begin in the middle
He calls himself an ‘honorary woman’
“What will they say about them?”—connecting—
Another, un-other, ur-other, somehow or other
It’s unhappening, unhappy, inhospitable, uninhabitable
    • Listen: Diana Khoi Nguyen reciting Season of the Migration
Diana Khoi Nguyen

Diana Khoi Nguyen

Born in Los Angeles, Diana Khoi Nguyen is a poet and multimedia artist whose work has appeared widely in literary journals such as PoetryAmerican Poetry ReviewBoston Review ...