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Power Series

Are you ready to transform?

These small-group training classes—patterned after the high-intensity workouts of world-class athletes—are designed to transform your physical capabilities to new levels. The routines and innovative equipment used will vary, pushing your body to become stronger and more adaptable to sudden physical demands. All abilities are welcome. View our featured classes for the month and register.

Unlimited classes per month: $219*
8-pack: $264
Drop-in: $39

*With three-month commitment.

Email Kaylin Payne or call 212.699.7205 to sign up or to inquire about non-member class prices.


Level 1: A moderately intense workout which we hope will make you break a sweat after about 10 minutes. You won't be out of breath, but you won't be able to sing a song during your workout either.

Level 2: A very challenging workout which should make you break a sweat within 3-5 minutes. Your breathing will be heavy to the point where you will be unable to speak in a complete and fluid sentence.

All: All levels.

  • Beast Mode

    If you think the words “Workout of the day” sound fun, then you’ll love the way we’ve remixed Beast Mode! We’ve kept the HIIT, fat-burning and muscle-bulding goodness of the class, but added even more variations and challenging exercises. For active fitness enthusiasts.

    Calorie Crusher

    A results-driven class focusing on weight-loss through high, caloric-burning compound exercises. Utilize this fun, full-body workout to get your heart pumping and muscles moving. An ideal pairing for The Smarter Weigh program participants. Open to students of all fitness levels.

    Core Galore

    More than just abs, your core rules everything about you — from looking thinner, to running and lifting more efficiently. Core Galore focuses on strengthening and conditioning these vital muscles, from your glutes to your upper abs, regardless of your age and fitness level. Class requires the ability to easily transition from floor to standing exercises.

    NEW! Interval Training

    An effective class to maximize your fitness results in 30 minutes. Don’t be surprised to find high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata or other popular fitness drills.

    Sports Conditioning

    Train like an athlete in this dynamic and intense total-body workout. Learn sport-specific drills using agility ladders, speed cones, hurdles and more.

  • Sweat & Shred

    Build the foundations needed by an athlete through a series of core, cardio and stabilization exercises, with a few twists along the way.

    Get a sneak peek.


    This total-body workout is a form of resistance training using TRX bands. Perform a variety of exercises that leverage gravity and your body weight, building core strength and muscle.

    NEW! Power Spin

    Harness power and explosiveness to increase cardiovascular output and strength — all in a 30-minute workout. This cyclebased class combines Technogym’s Group Cycle Connect technology with the mywellness app to help you get results. We encourage use of a Bluetooth heart monitor.

    NEW! STRONG by Zumba®

    Go HARD to the beat with a 1-hr HIIT class that combines body weight exercises, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves — synced to original, workout-specific music. Every squat, lunge and burpee is beat-driven, helping you make it to that last rep — and perhaps even five more!

    Prerequisite: this class will require you to easily and quickly transition from floor to standing exercises; not recommended for students who are new to fitness.


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