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Power Series

Get individual and personalized training in a small group environment with the new POWER series.

These energy-packed, student classes are structured to help you make progressive gains and include high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, plyometrics and circuit training. Work out with equipment like TRX, kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes and plyo-boxes. Challenge yourself! Build and tone with the POWER community.

Unlimited classes per month: $199
4-pack: $120
8-pack: $240
Drop-in: $35

Email Kaylin Payne to sign up for our power series classes or to inquire about non-member power series prices.

*Plus Bonus Day Fridays!
Registered students receive a complimentary workout
with our featured trainer of the week on Fridays at 12 pm (all levels).

Online registration coming soon! Sign up now by email or call 212.415.5746


Level 1: A moderately intense workout which we hope will make you break a sweat after about 10 minutes. You won't be out of breath, but you won't be able to sing a song during your workout either.

Level 2: A very challenging workout which should make you break a sweat within 3-5 minutes. Your breathing will be heavy to the point where you will be unable to speak in a complete and fluid sentence.

All: All levels.

  • Beast Mode

    If the words “Athlete,” “Metabolic Conditioning” and “High Intensity” mean anything to you, Beast Mode is your class! Transform your body and mental toughness in 90 days through Olympic lifts, power lifts, kettlebell circuits and more. Perfect for shredding body fat, building lean muscle and losing weight. For active fitness enthusiasts.

    Core Galore

    More than just abs, your core rules everything about you — from looking thinner, to running and lifting more efficiently. Core Galore focuses on strengthening and conditioning these vital muscles, from your glutes to your upper abs, regardless of your age and fitness level. Class requires the ability to easily transition from floor to standing exercises.

    Interval Training

    A stop and go interval training workout designed to build stamina.

    Sweat & Shred

    Build the foundations needed by an athlete through a series of core, cardio and stabilization exercises, with a few twists along the way.

    Get a sneak peek.

  • Calorie Crusher

    A results-driven class focusing on weight-loss through high caloric-burning compound exercises. Utilize this fun, full-body workout to get your heart pumping and muscles moving. Open to members of all fitness levels.

    Mobility Restore!

    *Restore your natural alignment.

    Any plan you make for longevity must include the restoration of your body’s alignment. This class will help you move more efficiently and begin to correct muscular imbalances you may have developed from overuse, habitual patterns and injury.*

    Sports Conditioning

    Train like an athlete in this dynamic and intense total-body workout. Learn sport-specific drills using agility ladders, speed cones, hurdles and more.


    This total-body workout is a form of resistance training using TRX bands. Perform a variety of exercises that leverage gravity and your body weight, building core strength and muscle.


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