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Jewish Life

A Home for Jews of Color
If you are searching for a Jewish Home, but have not yet found one ….
If you are searching for a place to affirm and celebrate your Judaism …
If you want to meet other people and families who resemble yours …

Do you miss summer? No need to wait six more months to feel warm again! Join Rabbi Joui Hessel and Rabbinic Intern Evan Traylor for an afternoon of summer fun … in December! We’ll have games and activities to remind us of our favorite parts of summertime.

The Bronfman Center for Jewish Life is focused on The Home Project, an initiative aimed at engaging and welcoming various cohorts of Jews, in order to provide a spiritual home that is both safe and reaffirming. According to the latest Pew Report, while the number of Jews is not shrinking, the number of Jews who remain unconnected to their Judaism is increasing. 92Y wants to change that.

The first cohort identified for The Home Project is one of Jews of Color and Jews of Color Adjacent. A Jew of Color can include people with family origins in African, Asian or Latin American countries or those who identify as Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, African, Arab, Persian, Indigenous, Sephardi, Mizrachi, or of mixed heritage. Jews of Color Adjacent are those loved ones who are raising children who are themselves Jews of Color OR are partnered or married to a Jew of Color. As we know, race is ultimately a social construct, so it is a complex term to define.

There is no cost to attend these events! For more information or should you have questions, please email Rabbinic Intern Evan Traylor or Rabbi Joui Hessel.