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Kathy Chazen, Ineke Heerkens, Robert Kloos, and Jonathan Wahl
Kathy Chazen, 92Y Board Member, Ineke Heerkens, 92Y’s 2018 Jewelry Artist in Residence, Robert Kloos, Deputy Head, Press & Cultural Affairs Department, Consulate General  of the Netherlands in New York, and Jonathan Wahl, 92Y Jewelry Center Director

92nd Street Y is pleased to announce the selection of the Jewelry Center’s second annual Artist in Residence, Ineke Heerkens.

Heerkens is an Amsterdam-based jeweler working in metal, textile and ceramics. The Residency begins August 22 through September 23 and culminates with two full day workshops September 22 and 23 led by Heerkens.

Heerkens was chosen for the 92Y International Jewelry Residency program by a distinguished jury including: Kathy Chazen, 92Y Board and Jewelry Center committee member; Ulysses Grant Dietz, Chief Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts, Newark Museum; Marion Fasel, Founder and Editorial Director, The Adventurine; Barbara Paris Gifford, Assistant Curator, Museum of Arts and Design; and Jonathan Wahl, 92Y Jewelry Center Director.

Many Sensations – necklace – Ornamental Hey Hey Heys (linen, silk-velvet, anodized aluminum) by Ineke Heerkens

“Ineke was selected by the jury for her incredible work in jewelry, and her compelling interdisciplinary project proposal to collaborate with the ceramics, painting and dance centers at 92Y, in addition to jewelry,” said Wahl.

Heerkens was inspired as a child by the New York City art scene and seeing Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie” at the Museum of Modern Art. 92Y’s Jewelry Center will serve as her base for artistic innovation, providing exposure to music, dance, ceramics and painting throughout the summer. “I’m looking forward to assembling my “beads” into a “New York-necklace” as Mondrian did with his art,” Heerkens said.

Applications were received from jewelry artists in 29 countries, and the jury also named two semifinalists: Jessica Anderson and Maral Mamaghanizadeh. Anderson, uses found materials including plastic bags and the process of electroforming to create large jewelry pieces. She is concerned with the effect of objects, and defined notions of waste in relation to ideas of collection. Mamaghanizadeh, draws on her own roots as an Iranian woman, and her interest in feminism to inspire her work. Her latest collection explores the issue of the hijab by creating a series of brooches with her own and other friends’ hair.

“This residency is designed to provide time, space and facilities for research, experimentation and the cultivation of new ideas in jewelry and light metalwork — all while giving the artist an immersive experience in the vibrant world of New York City and 92Y’s arts and culture. We were thrilled to receive applications from around the world and we’re looking forward to welcoming Ineke this summer,” Wahl continued. 92Y Jewelry Residency is supported by 92Y Board member, Kathy Chazen.

Jonathan Wahl, 92Y Jewelry Center Director with Ineke Heerkns, 92Y’s 2018 Jewelry Center Artist in Residence
Jonathan Wahl, 92Y Jewelry Center Director with Ineke Heerkns, 92Y’s 2018 Jewelry Center Artist in Residence
Photo by Adam Grannick/92Y

About 92Y Jewelry Center

The Jewelry Center at 92Y, under the direction of Jonathan Wahl, is the place where artists and designers from the world of studio jewelry, fashion jewelry and academia meet to create, teach and connect. From its beginnings as a single metalworking class in 1930, the Center has grown to become the largest and most esteemed program of its kind in the nation, and the oldest open studios in New York City. Its stellar faculty span the worlds of production and art, and foster a space where all aspects of jewelry design can be explored.

The Center serves more than 1,400 students a year through 60 weekly classes, weekend workshops and visiting artists. The Center’s four fully equipped studios enable specialized training in such techniques as enameling, goldsmithing, silversmithing, stone setting and wax carving, in addition to a formal Judaica metalsmithing program that is unique in the nation. The wide variety of classes and levels allows students to pursue comprehensive courses of study, whether a basic introduction for the absolute beginner, or advanced workshops and studio time for pre-professionals and professionals refining their skills.

92Y’s Jewelry Center recently announced a Jewelry Talks series to deepen understanding of all facets of the art of jewelry. The series is led by Editor-in-Chief of Town & Country magazine, and author of Jeweler: Masters Mavericks, and Visionaries of Modern Design, Stellene Volandes.

Three times a year (on Giving Tuesday, Valentine’s Day and before Mother’s Day), volunteers from 92Y’s Jewelry Center community, visit schools and the Win Women’s Shelter. They teach simple beading technique and assist with making necklaces from donated designer beads to present as gifts. It is the perfect opportunity for 92Y community members to take the skills they have learned and share them with the next generation of artists and makers. This program is supported by 92Y Producer’s Circle member Stacey S. Mayrock and is in collaboration with Karen Giberson, the President of the Accessories Council.

The Center hosts the only jeweler Artist in Residence program in New York City, and is open to artists on an international scale. Truly multifaceted, the 92Y Jewelry Center is a New York City gem with an increasingly global profile.

92Y Jewelry Center summer classes have been announced. Please see the full offerings here.

The 92Y Jewelry Artist Residency Program is supported by Kathy Chazen.