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Himan Brown Senior Program

Weekly Update:  October 15 – October 19
Monday, October 15
Jewish Thought and Culture – Luminaries:  The Greatest Minds & Brightest Souls in Jewish History with Rabbi Scott Perlo, S297, 1:00 pm
Health & Wellness Monday – Warburg Lounge – 2:00 pm
Falls Prevention, Dr. Megha Petal, Mount Sinai Geriatric Fellow
Tuesday, October 16
Room Change:  Bridge moves to S102/103
Room Change: BOTH Canasta Classes move to S292
The Art of Listening to Music, Javor Bracic teaches, S297, 11:00 am
New Class:  Autobiography & Memoir:  Inside the Heart and Soul of Another with Sara Lukinson, S297, 12:20 – 1:20 pm
Wednesday, October 17
Monthly Blood Pressure Screenings, The Riverside Premiere Rehabilitation and Healing Center
with Trisha King, LPN, 10:00 am – 12:45 pm, HBSP Office
Room Change:  Necessary Conversations with Ellen Love moves to S292, 11:00 am
Room Change:  Beginner’s Chess Instruction (11:30 am – 12:30 pm) and Chess Instruction (12:30 – 2:00 pm) with Steve King moves to NB11.  Registration and payment required for Beginner’s Chess.
New Class:  Second Childhood -- Rereading Childhood Favorites with Richard Larschan, S101,
11:30 am
Room Change:  Musical Theater with Mark York moves to S251, 12:25 pm
Thursday, October 18
SHE SUMMIT:  Warburg Lounge unavailable, HBSP Lounge moves to S297
Room Change:  Duplicate Bridge with Hermi Hanlin moves TBD, 10:00 am
Room Change:  The Ben Franklin Circles with Erica Shein and Dafna Gorfinkle moves to S101, 11:45 am
Room Change:  Cabaret Workshop with Joan Marie Delahunt moves to S101, 12:50 pm
Memoir Writing Workshop with Theresa Burns, S104, 1:00 pm
Friday, October 19
SHE SUMMIT:  Warburg Lounge unavailable, HBSP Lounge moves to S297
Cancelled:  The Big Bands and Beyond and a Little Jewish Music with Rob Silverman, S101, 10:30 am
Cancelled:  Special Fridays – Warburg Lounge – 2:00 pm

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For registration information, please contact the Himan Brown Senior Program office: 212.415.5633 / email