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Himan Brown Senior Program

Weekly Update:  April 23 – April 27, 2018
Monday, April 23

Sports Talk with veteran journalists Steve Jacobson and Wallace “Wally” Matthews  
Warburg Lounge – 1:30 pm

These NY sports writers and radio hosts have covered everything and everyone from Casey Stengel to Olympic Games to NBA Championships to the current New York Yankees.
Tuesday, April 24
Room Change:  Senior Adult Chorus moves S101, 9:30 am
Room Change:  Himan Brown New Member Breakfast moves to S297, 10:00 - 11:30 am
Room Change:  Both Advanced Bridge/Supervised Play and Duplicate Bridge with Hermi Hanlin move to S102/103, starting at 10:00 am
Room Change:  The Art of Listening to Music, Javor Bracic teaches, S101, 11:00 am
Room Change:  Drop-In Group for Men and Women with Ellen Love moves to NB11, 12:05 pm
General Membership Meeting, Warburg Lounge, 12:15 pm
Wednesday, April 25
Musical Theater Workshop with Mark York, S297, 12:25 pm
Thursday, April 26
Vision Support Group,  Elly Roth facilitates - S252, 11:30 am
Last Class:  Luck of the Irish? with Professor Richard Larschan, S101, 11:30 am
The Ben Franklin Circles with Erica Shein and Dafna Gorfinkle, S297, 11:45 am
Modern Art and Architecture from World War I to the late 20th century with
Professor Seth Gopin, WAG, 1:30 pm
Friday, April 27
New Class:  And the Verdict is (a film class) with Mark Ethan Toporek, S102/103,                                        10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Fury (1936) directed by Fritz Lang
Birthday Cake at 12:30 for all and Special Fridays – Warburg Lounge – 2:00 pm
Vocal Ease:  Songs from the Heart, Director, Eva Swan
The Great American Songbook


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