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Himan Brown Senior Program


Weekly Update:  August 14 – August 18

Fresh Food for Seniors – The Farm comes to us! $8/per bag
Please pay by Thursday, August 17 th 
Next delivery will be on Thursday, August 24th.

Monday, August 14
 Union Settlement program coordinator, Amy-Sharee Smith, comes at 12:30 to discuss volunteer opportunities in their intergenerational tutoring program
Jewish Thought & Culture with Renee Septimus, S297, 12:45 – 2:30 pm
Jewish Documentary Film Festival: Watermarks: (with popcorn)
Tuesday, August 15
The Art of Listening to Music with jazz musician and historian David Sager, S297, 11:00 am
Wednesday, August 16
Class Cancelled:  Knitting Circle with Ruth Fuchs-Hallett, WL, 11:00 am, meet on your own!
Thursday, August 17
The Ben Franklin Circles with Erica Shein and Dafna Gorfinkle, S256,
11:45 am

Northern Renaissance to Romantic Art and Architecture – Art History Survey
with Seth Gopin, Rm 102/103, 1:30 pm
Friday, August 18
New Class:  The Personality Series with Doug Brin – Albert Einstein, S101, 11:00 am
Please note that the class begins at 11:00 am – (error on earlier schedule, sorry!)
Celebrate August birthdays with strawberry cake in Warburg at 12:30 pm.
Special Friday Program in Warburg Lounge at 2:00 pm
Gennady Vysotsky, Bass & Friends
Aria of Basilo, The Barber of Seville, Rossini, and selections from the American Songbook
Yiddish & Russian folksongs
Inna Leytush, Piano

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For registration information, please contact the Himan Brown Senior Program office: 212.415.5633 / email