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Himan Brown Senior Program

Weekly Update:  December 11 – December 15
Monday, December 11
Jewish Thought & Culture with Renee Septimus – Special Event -- Warburg Lounge – 1:00 pm
Join Mark Russ Federman, author and grandson of Joel Russ, founder of Russ & Daughters,
for a book sale and signing
Featured work:  Russ & Daughters:  Reflections and Recipes from The House that Herring Built
Tuesday, December 12
Himan Brown Senior Program Bake and Book Sale, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Lobby
Sign up in the office to volunteer.
Extended Class:  The Art of Listening to Music, Simon Saad with The Phoenix Ensemble, S297, 11:00 am
Himan Brown Advisory Council Meeting, noon, Mezz (M2)
Room Change:  Poetry Writing Workshop with Fran Richey moves from S101 to NB08, 12:30 pm
Wednesday, December 13
Monthly Blood Pressure Screening with Trish King, LPN
The Riverside Premiere Rehabilitation & Healing Center
11:00 am – 12:45 pm-Please register in office.
Room Change:  Chess Instruction with Steve King moves from S101 to S254, 12:30 pm
Thursday, December 14
Room Change:  Book Discussion Group with Erica Shein moves from S297 to NB11, 11:45 am
The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict
Room Change:  Men’s Retirement Rap Group with Monte Olenick moves from S101 to NB11, 12:45 pm
Room Change:  Cabaret Workshop with Joan Delahunt moves from S297 to S251, 12:50 pm
Room Change:  19th and 20th Century Art – Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism with Seth Gopin,
moves from S102/103 to WAG, 1:30 pm
Friday, December 15
The Four Freedoms Film Series with Mark Ethan Toporek, S102/103, 10:00 am
Today’s feature: The Chosen (1981) – Directed by Jeremy Paul Kagan
New York Legal Assistance Group Advanced Directives and Health Care Proxy Counseling,
Tina Janssen-Spinosa, Esq., 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, Warburg Lounge
Come celebrate December birthdays with cake!
12:30 pm, Warburg Lounge
Special Friday Event – Weill Art Gallery – 2:00 pm
The Piatigorsky Foundation Concert -- featuring Evan Drachman, cello and Richard Dowling, piano --
in an all Chopin program.

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For registration information, please contact the Himan Brown Senior Program office: 212.415.5633 / email