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May Center


The May Center is a full-service gym with everything you need to exceed your fitness goals in a convenient Upper East Side location. 

At the May Center you can take swimming lessons in a 25-yard indoor pool ozone cleaned pool, master your yoga pose or try a new routinue in one of  100 group fitness classes, break that fitness plateau with personal training, or look after your wellness with our nutrition and heart-health specialists.

Hours of Operation

  • May Center, Pool and Front Desk
    Effective Wed, Sep 2

    Mon-Fri: 6 am-8 pm
    Sat-Sun: 8 am-3 pm

  • Holiday Schedule

    Labor Day

    Mon, Sep 7, 8 am-3 pm
    Rosh Hashanah Eve, Sep 18, 8 am-3 pm
    Rosh Hashanah, Sep 19, CLOSED
    Rosh Hashanah, Sep 20, CLOSED
    Yom Kippur Eve, Sep 27, 8 am-3 pm
    Yom Kippur, Sep 28, CLOSED
    Sukkot, Oct 3, 8 am- 3 pm
    Sukkot, Oct 4, 8 am- 3 pm
    Shemini Atzeret, Oct 10, 8- 3 pm
    Simchat Torah, Oct 11, 8- 3 pm


Stacey M. Eisler, Director

Jennifer Marecki-Alvarez, Program and Partnership Manager

For more information call 212.415.5700 / Email

  • Membership Sales

    Amanda Konigsberg, Director, Membership
    Diamond Goodman, Membership Special Projects Manager
    Jeff Gutierrez, Senior Membership Sales Consultant
    Keila Moreno, Membership Sales Consultant
    Vicente Peralta, Membership Sales Consultant

    Membership Services

    Marisa A. Scotti, Director, Membership Services
    Aurea Rivera, Director, Membership Administration
    Joseph Donoso, Director, May Center Operations
    Sandie Palacios, Associate Director, May Center Operations
    Erik Selakoff, Associate Director, May Center Operations
    Anibal Ariano, Tiffany Evans, Membership Services Agents
    Rochelle Lavarco, Receptionist

    Utility Workers

    Pasram Somwar, Willie Baez, Carlos Sanchez, Kenia Colon, Khadija Zanders

  • Aquatics

    Jeffrey Bonaccorso, Senior Director, Aquatics
    Lane Wineski, Director, Aquatics

    Amine Boubsis, Associate Director, Aquatics
    Kachira Carty, Aquatics Site Supervisor

    Children’s Physical Education & Gymnastics

    Katera Noviello, Director, Athletics
    Brian Kaplan, Director, Sports & Leagues
    Shay Grogan, Director, Gymnastics Teams
    Julio Pacheco, Director, Recreational Gymnastics & Camps
    Zoraima Abreu, Gymnastics Coordinator
    Debbie Dolnansky, Birthday Party Coordinator

    Fitness & Wellness Programs

    Mark Koester, Director, Fitness
    Karin L. Ruhe, Associate Director, Group Exercise

Thank you to the generous supporters of the May Center for Health, Fitness and Sport.

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For more information, email or call us at 212.415.5700.

Membership office: 212.415.5729

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