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Our GymStars Competitive Team is committed and dedicated to the sport of gymnastics. Our Pre-Team is for girls preparing for the competitive team preparing skills to move up to level 2 as they participate in team activities.

We compete in USAG sanctioned meets Levels 2+. Levels 2–5 compete and practice the USAG compulsorily skills preparing for USAG optional levels 6–10. All team members are offered monthly specific training clinics outside of practice.

Gymstars Fall Team Schedule









3:45-5:45 pm


3:45-5:45 pm



8:30 - 11:30 am *Highly encouraged for all team members

Level 2 (A) 3:45-6:30 pm (B) 3:45-6:40 pm (A) 3:45-6:30 pm (B) 3:45-6:40 pm  
Level 3 4-6:45 pm   3:45-6:30 pm   4-7:30 pm
Level 4 4:15-7 pm 4:15-7 pm   4:15-7 pm 4:15-7:45 pm
Level 5 4:15-7 pm 4:15-7 pm 3:45-6:30 pm 4:15-7 pm 4:15-7:45 pm
Level 6+ 4:15-7:30 pm 4:15-7:30 pm 3:45-6:30 pm 4:15-7:30 pm 4:15-8:30 pm

*Two Level 2 groups A and B (Commit to either A or B; there are no skill differences between the two)
*Levels 6+ must commit to two practices until 7:30 pm (Mon/Tue/Thu)

*More oppurtunities for private lessons!

Contact Info:
Natalie Planes
Associate Director of Childrens Phys. Ed.
Head Gymnastics Coach
212.415.5726 / email

Katera Noviello
Director of Gymnastics Programs & Children’s Physical Education
212.415.5724 / email

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are usually held the last week in July and first week of August. Please call the team office for more information: 212.415.5726 or email.

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