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Gymnastics Studio in the Sky

Train in our new Gymnastics Studio in the Sky with our professional USAG Certified Gymnastics Coaches. Private instruction includes goal setting to ensure that every athlete gets the most out of their private instruction. Tumble track, foam pit, spring floor, uneven and single rail bars, low and high balance beams, climbing rope, and an assortment of strengthening equipment available!

NEW Virtual Gymnastics, Parkour & Sports Private Lesson Packages

60 Minute Single Lesson: $65, $248 for 4-pack, $480 for 8-pack
45 Minute Single Lesson: $50, $188 for 4-pack, $360 for 8-pack
30 Minute Single Lesson: $35, $128 for 4-pack, $240 for 8-pack

How to Purchase

We must find ways to stay socially connected during this time of physical distance. Exercise is critical for children during this unexpected sedentary lifestyle and connecting with an athletic coach provides motivational work-outs that children can practice even after the session has ended!

To purchase and schedule a session with a professional 92Y Athletic Coach, please email.

Gymnastics, Parkour, & Ninja 30-Minute Private Lessons

Single Lesson: $65/$60 MCM
5 Pack: $315/$290 MCM
10 Pack: $610/$560 MCM

Gymnastics, Parkour, & Ninja 45-Minute Private Lessons

Single Lesson: $86/$74 MCM
5 Pack: $405/$348 MCM
10 Pack: $778/$670 MCM

Gymnastics, Parkour, & Ninja 60-Minute Private Lessons

Single Lesson: $118/$102 MCM
5 Pack: $565/$485 MCM
10 Pack: $1,060/$920 MCM
20 Pack: $1,995/$1,740 MCM
30 Pack: $2,900/$2,540 MCM

Gymnastics Semi-Private Lessons

Single Lesson: $200/$160 MCM
5 Pack: $950/$760 MCM
10 Pack: $1,800/$1,440 MCM
30 Pack: $4,920/$3,930 MCM

Please call 212.415.5726 or 5724 / email for appointments.