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Gymnastics Studio in the Sky

GymMaze Playtime: Ages 2-5 years

Held in our Junior Gym, GymMaze Playtime is a safe and vibrant space for drop-in playtime and gymnastics for our younger tumblers.Classes run for about 70 minutes, meaning you or your caregiver have plenty of time to fit in your own workout by heading up to our gym on the third floor, the May Center, or pop in for a Chaise Fitness class right next door! Check out our schedule and get ready to have some fun!

Level 1 (Beginner) Recreational: 5-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-16 years

Level 1 is a Beginner-only gymnastics class. This program is designed for the child who has never participated in gymnastics or would like to improve their confidence in gymnastics basics before moving onto a Level 2 (intermediate) class. Progressions and focus include rolls, handstands, gymnastics body positions (ie. table, bridge, split, front support on bars, etc.), introduction to dance and jumps, and basic rules and techniques in the sport of gymnastics.

Level 2 (Intermediate) Recreational: 5-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-16 years

Level 2 is the next step after a Level 1 (Beginner) gymnastics class at 92Y. To enter a Level 2 class it is required that the child has had experience in at least one gymnastics class previously (we will accept Level 2 participants from other gymnastics programs). Level 2 builds upon and advances what is taught in our Level 1 class, such as kicking over from a bridge position, round-offs, handstands and cartwheels on the low beam, and more advanced uneven bar and dance skills. Presentation skills and proper gymnastics technique is more emphasized in Level 2.

Level 3 (Advanced) Recreational: 5-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-16 years

Level 3 is the next recreational class following completion of 1-2 semesters (depending on child’s comfort level with skill development and teacher recommendation) in a Level 2 (intermediate) gymnastics class. Building upon skills developed in Level 2, this is our most advanced one day per week recreational gymnastics class. Flight is encouraged in tumbling (back and front handsprings, back and front tucks on tumble track, etc), advanced swings and circling on bars, cartwheels, handstands, dismounts on high beam and use of the competitive vaulting system.

Starburst Two Day Intensive: 3-4 years (no parent participation)

Starbursts is our earliest age two day intensive training opportunity for the interested and talented 3-4 year old. This class is recommended for any 3-4 year old child who just cannot get enough of the gym once per week! We also begin accepting pre-competitive athletes on our team at the age of 5 – so this is a great way to get prepared for our GymStars Pre-Team! Skills build upon obstacle courses from Junior/Super Tumblers classes, with a greater focus on proper technique and presentation of skill. Rolls, jumps on balance beams, stretching and gymnastics body positions, front support and swings on bars, and cartwheel drills are just some of the skills highlighted in our Starburst class.

Shooting Stars Two Day Intensive: 5-7 years and Sparklers Two Day Intensive: 8-11 years

Two day intensives (recreational team) are part of the 92Y gymnastics curriculum referred to as ‘team tracking.’ This simply means that coaches instructing this course have also been trained to coach at the competition level and they bring their competitive training expertise into this class, without requiring athletes to compete. The focus of this class is on technique and quality of skill development, similar to the competitive team style of training. Everyday there will be skill progression, but there will also be more dedicated time to perfect certain skills as compared to a once per week recreational class.

Our two day intensives are typically recommended for the athlete who is interested in trying out for the competitive team in the future or is looking for a greater commitment to the sport than one hour per week.

*Please note that you are not required to try-out for team if you are in a two day intensive such as the Shooting Stars (although your coach may encourage you to!). You can continue to be a part of two day intensives until 11 years old (Sparklers) and then we encourage switching into the Exhibition Team.*