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FEB 12, 2020

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Brought to you by: 92Y and NCECA

2018 Global Digital Ceramics Gallery

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How do I get involved?


Use #GlobalDayofClay on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Encourage followers to participate using #GlobalDayofClay

Organize an event

  • Host a free open class
  • Do a demonstration
  • Invite a speaker
  • Curate an exhibit of works or photographs

Host a conversation with thought leaders

Contribute photos to the Global Digital Ceramics Gallery*

  • Post images from your collection
  • Encourage followers to add their work

Launch a new initiative

Announce a new work, research or project and harness the power of #GlobalDayofClay

Contact the #GlobalDayofClay organizing team at 92Y/NCECA if you would like assistance in coordinating your event.


Join the digital conversation

  • Share your pictures and comments using #GlobalDayofClay
  • Visit our events page to find a list of events
  • Contribute photos to the Global Digital Ceramics Gallery*

*92Y will curate ceramics images for the Gallery on 2/12/20. Images can be of your own work or pieces of special meaning or historical significance to you or your community. Please make sure to use #GlobalDayofClay and include copy with the post about why the image is personally meaningful. By posting a photo with the hashtag #GlobalDayofClay, you give 92Y permission to feature your photo on 92Y’s website, as well as websites of organizations partnering on the #GlobalDayofClay project.