On International Women’s Day, March 8, Delhi, India’s Red Dot Foundation: Safecity marked 7 Days of Genius by creating a safe space to discuss areas of gender inequalities in their communities. The event was called, ‘Break the Silence’ which symbolizes the need to stand up against stereotypes about women.

7DaysofGenius (2)

Throughout the workshop, organizers were able to encourage participants to express their opinions and contribute their narratives in meaningful ways. Often times, women fear intervening or reporting instances of harassment of women in public. By facilitating this space, 15 girls residing in the Undergraduate Hostel for Girls, University of Delhi were able to talk about the importance of these issues.

This session also encouraged the attendees to think of their own solutions to how we can end practices like body shaming and sexual harassment, while encouraging more self-esteem among young girls.


Organizer Aarushee Shukla notes, “Although the session did not begin with too much involvement from the audience, before we knew it, each and every 15 of the girls had something to share with us.” 

To watch the Facebook live of the event, click here.