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Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact

7 Days of Genius is a global festival celebrating the power of genius, with a special focus this year on creative ideas and thinking for social good. From New York to Nairobi, Jerusalem to Guatemala City, communities around the world come together for one week to explore, debate and celebrate genius ideas and innovations that have the potential to improve our lives by addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges.

7 Days. 7 Challenges.

During 7 Days of Genius 2017, we will examine 7 global challenges:

  • Bridging the divide: How can we encourage more empathy and connection between individuals and distinct communities?
  • Health, wellness and mindfulness: How can we ensure people have the resources to live healthy lives? How can we be more mindful in a fast-paced world?
  • News and information: How can we re-establish trust in media and ensure journalistic standards, integrity and access to reliable information?
  • Cities & communities of the future: What does your ideal city of the future look like? How can we create smarter cities and communities for the 21st Century to ensure more efficient and equitable living?
  • Displacement and migration: How can we better balance security while also helping refugees and displaced people facing humanitarian crises?
  • The arts: How can we nurture and develop voices that lead to social change?
  • Equality & human rights: How might we create a more equitable environment and fairness for all people?
Wanted: Your ideas!

Here’s how individuals and organizations can get involved …

  1. Organize a public lecture or keynote. Invite an expert (or panel of experts) who exemplify a creative or unique perspective on the topic you choose. In 2017, we are particularly interested in the arts. Are there artists, writers, poets or musicians in your community who have used their art to examine a social problem?
  2. Host a Genius pitch night. Identify 2-3 entrepreneurs working on new innovations or start-ups with a social impact. Invite each to give a 30 – 40-minute pitch on their innovation. Open up to audience questions.
  3. Design a Workshop. Choose a topic to workshop. Invite industry experts to work with students or people new to the field. The experts can present on their own experiences while also mentoring others as they develop their own potential contributions.
  4. New in 2017: Curate a group art project. The arts have the power to shed light on a pressing issue and to unite communities in a unique way. Think of a group art project you and members of your community can facilitate together.


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