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A global festival celebrating the power of genius. For one week, people around the world came together to discuss, debate and incubate new genius ideas to improve lives everywhere.

“The Next Genius Idea Is Creating Global Empathy”

– Fast Company

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7 Days of Genius enabled a space where students can turn conversation into action. It facilitated the opportunity for students to not only to raise and discuss issues, but to also act and do something about them.

- Elias Messinas, Romania

By having their art exhibited here, students became sure that their creative work is appreciated and that there are people who are looking at and analyzing their work… this is a huge need in the education system that we have built for today.

- Chanda Sijapati, Nepal

Through this unique experience, participants were able to cross boundaries and … learned how to respond tolerantly to others by acknowledging that there’s nothing better than to learn from someone from a different culture.

- Thomas Ramírez, Mexico

The group of students identified current issues that hindered women’s empowerment in their community in Pakistan and together, discussed ways to resolve these hurdles by creating solutions using art.

- Muhammad Sarim Imran, Pakistan

Audience participants walked Away knowing more about great resources in the media landscape, both regionally in Chicago, and beyond.

- Sebastian Ellefson, Chicago, U.S.A.

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