Virtual Clay: From Brain to Hand to OBJECT — An OnDemand Online Lecture with JJ PEET - 92Y, New York

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Virtual Clay: From Brain to Hand to OBJECT — An OnDemand Online Lecture with JJ PEET

"Clay starts with the erosion of the earth, leads into a malleable material, and results in cups, toilets, tiles, knives and pipes. Alternatively, clay provides a direct translation of ideas, free of limitations of form, and takes a stance in contemporary art making while retaining the record of the human hand."

JJ PEET is an artist who originally trained in clay while studying for his BFA from the University of Minnesota and went on to receive his MFA from the prestigious Yale School of Art. PEET’s work includes sculpture, video, painting and drawing. In this lecture PEET will talk about his evolution as an artist, how ceramics differentiates itself from other materials used by contemporary artists and most importantly how it plays an integral part in his very diverse and increasingly recognized studio practice.

OnDemand classes will expire on July 1, 2020.

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This event is part of 92Ys Virtual Clay™ series: offering first of a kind, real-time online classes that gather a vibrant community of artists, designers and art historians to speak with you about important topics in ceramics. The conversations are meant to challenge preconceptions and explore new territory, inspiring you to think about the world in fresh and different ways. All of this in the comfort of your home, studio or classroom.


JJ PEET teaches Contemporary Ceramics at Columbia University. His work utilizes a multitude of processes including ceramics, drawing and video in the investigation of current affairs, civil protests, class and power.