Extraordinary Women Awards Journal - 92Y, New York

Extraordinary Women Awards Journal

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


  • Lisa Blau

    Lisa Blau

  • Amanda Eilian

    Amanda Eilian

  • Shantell Martin

    Shantell Martin

  • Judy Glickman Lauder

    Judy Glickman Lauder

Impact Award Honoree:

  • Dre Thomas

    Dre Thomas



  • Carolyn & Laurence Belfer
  • Constance Littman

  • Meredith Milstein Polivy

  • Amy Ruben
  • Susan K. Stern

  • Ali Winter

Benefit Committee

(In formation)

  • Kara Acker
  • Nancy Badner
  • Andi Barchas
  • Georgette Bennett
  • Laurie Blitzer
  • Asha Curran
  • Laura DeMare
  • Susan Dominguez
  • Elissa Doyle
  • Lauren Dukes
  • Suzanne Lehrer Dumaine
  • Deborah Edell
  • Danielle Englebardt
  • Sandi Farkas
  • Lauren Frank
  • Danyelle Freeman
  • Erin Friedland
  • Felice Friedman
  • Caroline Gertler
  • Marcie Gottlieb
  • Stacey Hadash
  • Eva Heyman
  • Lucy Hutchinson
  • Shijuade Kadree
  • Lori Kasowitz
  • Elana Kobrin
  • Beth Kojima
  • Stacey Kopp
  • Lindsay Kraus
  • Hillary Koota Krevlin
  • Regina Krumholz
  • William P. Lauder and Lori Kanter Tritsch
  • Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder
  • Elena Lazarou
  • Kathy Leventhal
  • Abby Miller Levy
  • Margie Loeb
  • Michelle Lubetsky
  • Mary Kate McGrath
  • Miraldina Meyer
  • Jennifer Millstone
  • Toby Milstein
  • Cheryl Minikes
  • Monique Newmark
  • Andrea Olshan
  • Carole Olshan
  • Kim Ostheimer
  • Karen Park
  • Rebecca Raphael
  • Elizabeth Sahlman
  • Haley Satnick
  • Aline Shapiro
  • Melissa Kasper Shapiro
  • Jan Slifka
  • Rebecca Sternthal
  • Ann Tisch
  • Amanda Waldron
  • Jennefer Witter

List as of 10.18.19

Board of Directors


  • Laurence D. Belfer°

Chair Emeritus

  • Marc S. Lipschultz°*

Vice Chairs

  • Jennifer Heyman Millstone°
  • Andrea Olshan°
  • Eva Colin Usdan°

Board of Directors

  • Jody Gottfried Arnhold°
  • Glenn August
  • Catherine H. Behrend
  • Claire B. Benenson
  • Michael Berland
  • Len Blavatnik
  • Thomas Block°
  • Matthew Bronfman*°
  • Kathy Chazen
  • Andrew Crystal
  • Stuart J. Ellman*
  • Michael S. Feldberg
  • Christine Ferer
  • Lee Fixel
  • Glenn Fuhrman
  • Rick Gerson
  • Jeffrey B. Goldenberg
  • Jane H. Goldman
  • Todd Hirsch
  • Rebecca Kaden
  • Thomas S. Kaplan*
  • Lori A. Kasowitz
  • Richard L. Kay
  • Elena Hahn Kiam
  • Jonathan Korngold
  • Eric Lane
  • William P. Lauder
  • Paul Levy°
  • Constance G. Littman
  • Fredric Mack*
  • Richard J. Mack
  • Cheryl Minikes
  • Martin J. Oppenheimer
  • Meredith Milstein Polivy
  • Martin J. Rabinowitz
  • David S. Rose
  • Barry Rosenstein
  • Michael S. Roth
  • Yossi Sagol
  • Gail Michele Saltz, MD
  • Curtis Schenker
  • Dov Seidman
  • Wendy Siegel
  • Lauren Hochfelder Silverman
  • Oliver Stanton°
  • Ronald Stein
  • Stuart Sucherman
  • Kenneth L. Wallach°
  • Alison Winter
  • Brian Wolfe
  • Caryn Zucker

Honorary Directors

  • Clive Chajet
  • Jerome A. Chazen
  • Marcia Eppler Colvin
  • Richard Crystal
  • Michael Goldstein*
  • Gerald J. Grossman
  • Joan L. Jacobson*
  • Daniel R. Kaplan*
  • Nancy Z. Lane
  • Honorable Joseph Lieberman
  • Armand Lindenbaum
  • Peter W. May
  • Irwin Miller
  • Philip L. Milstein*
  • Mitchell J. Nelson
  • Madeline I. Noveck
  • Elihu Rose
  • Marcella Rosen
  • Judith O. Rubin*
  • Harriet Weintraub
  • Myrna Z. Weiss

* Past Presidents
° Executive Committee Member





Finalist Impact Award Nominees

Uché Blackstock

Dr. Uché Blackstock is a Harvard-educated physician, who is passionate about equity and justice in healthcare and society …

Lauren Brody

Lauren Smith Brody is the founder of The Fifth Trimester movement and consulting …

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown joined the Innocence Project in 2005 and directs its federal and state policy agenda …

Jenny Buccos

Long before the existence of YouTube or widespread online video, Jenny Buccos founded ProjectExplorer …

Danielle Butin

While in Africa, Danielle Butin had an epiphany as she witnessed unimaginable human suffering due to the lack of basic medical supplies …

Harriette Cole

Harriette Cole is the founder of DREAMLEAPERS, a multi-pronged educational platform designed to help people access and activate their dreams …

Robyn Stein DeLuca

Dr. Robyn Stein DeLuca has spent her professional life applying her training as a psychologist and feminist scholar to the advancement of women …

Elsa-Grace Giardina

Dr. Elsa-Grace Giardina, is Professor of Medicine at the Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons Columbia University …

Kelly Hallman

Kelly K. Hallman, PhD (Cherokee Nation) is a health policy researcher focusing on indigenous empowerment, sexual violence prevention …

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, policy expert, conservation strategist, and Brooklyn native …

Michele Kong

Michele Kong is originally from the island of Borneo and went to Canada in pursuit of her medical degree …

Barbara Krieger

Artistic Director Barbara Zinn Krieger founded New York City Children’s Theater during her 22-year tenure as Executive Director and Founder …

Veronica Loomis

Veronica Loomis has been described as a trendsetter, innovator, community activist and advocate for women’s rights …

Dana Marlowe

Dana Marlowe can turn a moment into a movement …

Aija Mayrock

Aija Mayrock is the #1 bestselling author of The Survival Guide to Bullying

Jennifer Mieres

Dr. Jennifer H. Mieres is a leading expert in the fields of nuclear cardiology, cardiovascular disease in women and patient-centered healthcare advocacy …

Jacqueline Pelzer

Jacqueline Y. Pelzer has been Executive Director of Early Steps for the past 31 years …

Illana Raia

Illana Raia is a former Skadden Arps lawyer, an occasional guest lecturer at Columbia University, and the founder of Être …

Desirée Tunstall

Desirée Tunstall is an educator, innovator, technologist, world-traveler, change-maker and philanthropist …

Tessa Wayne

Tessa Wayne is a 17 year old high school senior in NYC and the founder and creator of GLAM – Girls Learning Advanced Math …