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Becoming Future

“We are in imagination battles when we choose to live our own truths,” adrienne maree brown wrote, “We are already imagining the future into existence with every choice we make.”

On the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re asking the question: What is the future we want to see?

We invite you to answer this question by sharing a photo from the archive on your phone. How does an image you’ve already captured point to a future you want to see? Selected images will be included in the exhibition Becoming Future displayed in 92Y’s virtual gallery space Works in Progress.

How it works

  1. Go to the photo archive on your phone and scroll through your images.

  2. As you scroll, meditate on the future you want to see. Pay attention to which images stand out to you. 

  3. Select an image and write one or two sentences about why you chose this image. 

  4. Email your image and caption to: AValchuis[at]92y[dot]org

  5. Go to 92Y Works in Progress to see the futures we are becoming. 

  6. Share these steps and #becomingfuture92Y with your friends, so they can take part too on Instagram. 

Exhibition Statement

As a social practice artist, entrepreneur and community builder, I am interested in creating with a community as opposed to for an audience. My earliest social practice projects drew on my massive archive of photographs, which memorialize quiet moments within hectic New York City life that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.  

In 2000, as a resident artist at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, I created an archive of all of my photos. I have taken pictures constantly since I was thirteen years old, so by that time in my life, I had over 200,000 photos. I had gotten into the habit of incessant photographing and never stopping to assess what I was taking. I wanted to see what I had been capturing for so many years. During a studio visit, the artist Mike Smith asked me if my archive was an art piece. I was forever changed. 

At the time it was unusual for anyone other than a photographer to have that many photos of daily life taken over several decades. Today, though, we all have our own massive archives of photos. We have photographed everything from: food, moods, selfies and mundane scenes we want to remember. These photos exist on our screens and phones.  

These images shape our understanding of our present and our futures as they could be. As adrienne maree brown wrote, “We are already imagining the future into existence with every choice we make.”

—Stephanie Diamond 

WORKS IN PROGRESS is made possible by the generous support of Gilda Block. Additional support is provided by the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation.

Curated by

Stephanie Diamond

Stephanie Diamond is an artist, entrepreneur and community builder. She is the founder and CEO of Listings Project, a free weekly newsletter of carefully vetted real estate and opportunity listings geared towards artists and creatives…